Thursday, November 14, 2013

REVIEW: Soup Night

Soup Night

Recipes for Creating Community Around a Pot of Soup

by Maggie Stuckey

Paperback: 304 Pages

Publisher: Storey Publishing, LLC (October 22, 2013)


There's a chill in the air here in New England and that has me craving comfort food like you would not believe!  I'm sure I'm not the only one though, am I right?  And, what better comfort food is there during the long winter months than a big bowl of steamy soup?  Not only is it the perfect cold weather food, it's great for sharing and creating community...
Remember the good 'ole days when children played freely in the streets (heading home for dinner when the street lights came on) and neighbors were, well, neighborly to one another.  You not only knew their names, but you BBQ'ed together on hot summer nights and shared hot cocoa and good conversation in the dead of winter. Now, kids play video games indoors and adults rush home from work to watch TV and chat online.  We know more about our Facebook friends, whom we've never met in person, than we do our own neighbors. 

In Soup Night: Recipes for Creating Community Around a Pot of Soup, author Maggie Stuckey shares her optimism for bringing back the idea of neighborhood communities and talking to friends in person... as opposed to online!  Through wonderful community stories, Maggie has documented the powerful and positive ripple effect that the humble idea of gathering friends and neighbors on a regular basis for casual soup nights has on everyone.  But, of course, Soup Night isn't just about stories of sharing, it features some great recipes as well... more than 90 soups, as well as 40 additional recipes for sides, salads and desserts!

Soup Night is divided into six chapters; Soup Kettle Basics, Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer and Start Your Own Soup Night.  Each recipe is clearly written and the photographs throughout will make your mouth water.  Stories and tid-bits are scattered throughout making this much more than just another cook book. 

Some recipes that have caught my eye (or rather, earned a post-it tab on their pages) include Pumpkin Chicken Chowder, Taco Soup, Crab-Apple Soup, Creamy Cauliflower Soup and Neely's Potato-Cheese Soup.

I'm not sure we'll be hosting a neighborhood soup night anytime soon, but I sure am enjoying the stories of other people's community events.  And, I'll be enjoying the recipes quite a bit as well.

Love soup?  Grab yourself a copy of Soup Night today!  The book would make a great gift for long distance friends and family, especially with a heartfelt inscription inside.  For anyone lucky enough to have a neighborhood holiday swap, you should already be clicking on the Amazon link above!
Disclaimer: Storey Publishing, LLC sent a complimentary copy of Soup Night to Lapdog Creations for review purposes. I was not compensated for this review. All opinions expressed in the review are my own.

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Marjie said...

I love a good pot of soup. The best part about soup is that every recipe can be just an idea, and you can change or add ingredients to suit your tastes and what you have in the house! Lucky you, getting to preview this cookbook!

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