Tuesday, March 04, 2014

REVIEW: Pet Naturals of Vermont

Pet Naturals of Vermont

Daily Best Senior Dog Chews

Where to Find: Chewy.com


We love getting boxes from our friends over at Chewy.com - after all, what doggy wouldn't?  The Lapdogs think Chewy boxes smell dee-lish!  Unfortunately, this was the first month we received something for review that the Lapdogs have not yet been able to try. 

We received a bag of Pet Naturals of Vermont Daily Best Senior Dog Chews for review.  I had high hopes that these would be an excellent supplement for Lola, however I have not yet been able to confirm where the treats are made.  Due to Lola's autoimmune disease, I am very cautious of what I give to her and simply cannot take a chance of giving a supplement that may not be Made in the USA. 

So, while we did not actually try these supplements, I still wanted to follow through with our Chewy.com reviewer duties and tell you all about them. And, if anyone can ever confirm to me where they are made, we just might follow up with a second review. 
Pet Naturals 2

Daily Best Senior is a comprehensive multiple vitamin/mineral supplement containing nutrients that are important to support immune, cardiovascular, G.I. tract, eye, skin, connective tissue, joint, liver, and brain health. The supplement is specifically formulated to focus on geriatric dogs by combining a balance of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids, digestive enzymes, and antioxidants to support and maintain the physical and mental well-being of senior dogs. Daily Best Senior Dog Chews incorporate important components necessary to the health of senior dogs, that are not always found in commercial dog food or ordinary supplements. For instance, the amino acid Taurine is vital for maintaining the health of the heart, blood cells, muscles, and the central nervous system.

From the Pet Naturals of Vermont website: 
Animals have unique nutritional needs. Pet Naturals of Vermont understands that about our own pets, and about yours. That's why we're proud to offer a wide variety of pet supplements for every pet, in every category of health. From hip and joint formulas to calming products, Pet Naturals has a product to support your pet's specific needs.
If you're looking for supplements for your dog or cat, check them out and remember, when you order from Chewy.com, 1-2 day shipping is free on all orders over $49!

Disclosure: Chewy.com sent a bag of Pet Naturals of Vermont Daily Best Senior to Lapdog Creations, free of charge for review purposes. I was not compensated for this review and all opinions expressed are my own.


tubby3pug said...

look like very tasty and healthy treats

retro rover

Sue said...

I couldn't find a location either. I have a KY catalog that tells if a treat is made in the USA bit they don't even list those, so it tends to make me think they're from China.

Do you actually get 2 day shipping? My Chewy orders take about a week to arrive.

D said...

Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. :( Thanks for the info on these treats!

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