Tuesday, April 07, 2015

All 'bout The Ears

I know it's usually Tasty Tuesday, but since we're not prepared with a review today (stay tuned though... we've got some great things to tell you about in the coming weeks!), we're going to give you Take-Out Tuesday.... as in outtakes from our bunny ear photo shoot for Easter.  It's all 'bout the ears, 'bout the ears, no tail....

Hey Tut, you got something on your head... Sophie's just gotta sniff.

My Hounds, Tut & Sophie... Working on some new bunny ear pics #dogstagram #instadog #houndmix #bunnyears #spring #ilovemydogs

"Ugh, now it's on my head.  Maybe if I close my eyes, they'll go away." - Sophie


Zeus, always my star model, put up with Mama's antics quite nicely, even thought he wasn't feeling all that well, which kept him from looking at the camera.

I've never managed to get two dogs with ears or antlers on their heads at the same time.  I was mighty proud of my boys, even if Sophie wasn't looking.


Hey Sophie, the camera is up here... Maybe Mama needs to get another pair of ears.


Teutul tried hard to not look at the camera at first...


But he finally gave in to his Mama's craziness and posed for that stupid camera.


Hey Sophie, the camera is over here....


Back to my boys. I couldn't stop snapping when they so nicely posed together.  I think this one might even be my favorite, with Tut "leaning" on his big brother Zeus.


I'll leave you with a couple more of the boys.  I hope you enjoyed our outtakes...




Golden Woofs! SUGAR said...

It's Super CUTE n lots of Golden Thanks for joining our #Woofs4BunnyEars. Happy Tuesday! Golden Woofs

Kari Neumeyer said...

All these cute pictures with bunny ears that everyone has! I had some Yoda ears that I just gave away because Mia hates having anything on her head. I got cute pictures of Leo wearing them, and then decided the torture was over.

My best to Zeus and the rest of your pups.

Sue said...

I didn't get the ears out this year and I don't think anyone missed them.

Marjie said...

Great pictures; they made me giggle. It's so hard to get 3 kids or dogs all looking the same way at the same time!

Ruby said...

OMD, you got 'bunnied' too?!! Oh, I tried to bury those damn things last year, butts Ma just went and bought more...I thinks I better kill them this year to make a statement...whatcha think?? ☺
I must admit though, you guys look FABulous in the ears!!! And that was soooo nice of you to pose so nicely!
It takes LOTS of treaties for me to look at the camera...you know my motto: "No cookie....No lookie"!!!!
Ruby ♥

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