Friday, May 29, 2015

My, What a Big Stash You Have

Although my needles haven't exactly seen much action these days, I did make huge progress in organizing the yarn stash last weekend. 

For some time now, I've had visions of installing shelving in a ho-hum closet, and filling them with baskets of yarn and other knitterly accessories.  I didn't care what the shelves were made of or what they looked like, I just wanted the cheapest, easiest option.  After a quick trip to Home Depot, it was Martha Stewart Living to the rescue! 

I originally thought we were going to be buying those long metal bars and the "wire like" shelving pieces to install at varying heights.  That was until we happened upon these fabulous cubbies and my honey realized that two of the 9 unit pieces would fit perfectly side-by-side in the closet.  Sold!  But not before settling on the color. I wanted white, while he thought we should go with the brown in case we ever decided to use them elsewhere in the house. Um, use them elsewhere?  Could he already be thinking of replacing my yarn closet with a yarn room?  Okay... brown it was.


Awesome honey installed them on Sunday, and once the floor molding was removed from inside the closet, they really did fit perfectly.  Of course, once I started filling up baskets, we both quickly realized I needed more storage.  Well, wouldn't you know it, a 6 unit piece would fit perfectly on top of the left hand unit without having to remove the existing closet shelf or support.  He ran off to Home Depot while I continued to fill existing cubbies, as well as this nifty over-the-door shoe organizer I picked up at Kohls. It works great for most of my "regular" sock yarn stash (the hand dyed stuff is in baskets).


Once the cubbies were full (along with several ready-to-go projects in bags on the existing shelf, and a few piled up on the floor), that awesome honey of mine pointed out the wasted space above the unit on the right.  We didn't just grab another 6 cubbie unit because of that big 'ole shelf support you see in the above photo.  He said he could change it out to a different style if I wanted another unit. However I like having "shelf space" in there to lay out yarn and project ideas, as well as to store things like magazine holders, needles, etc. Since I was hoping to have room for some books, we talked about possibly installing the magazine holders on the wall, or adding a half shelf.  We'll see...


I love the way the baskets look, but I'll show you my dirty little secret... the cubbies all the way to the left are sans-basket.  They work just as well for storing bags of yarn though! 


I should have taken more photos of inside the baskets, but I did snap this one.  It's all yarn dyed by an amazingly talented friend of mine.  Jealous?  Don't be!  You can score some of her awesome yarn and fiber for yourself at Mad Color Fiber Arts.


So... tell me, how do you store your stash?


Marjie said...

Oh my dawg that is one huge closet. I'm with Matt; the brown cubby units look really nice. And all that yarn! No wonder you always have some beautiful creation or other on the needles. (Like I should talk. My menfolk say my fabric is out of control. Shows what they know.)

Unknown said...

I have a yarn room, but my stash is always threatening to outgrow the space. I love the shelves in the closet, it looks so organized and put together and your hubby--he's a keeper! Thanks for sharing..

Sue said...

My stash needs some organizing. I've just been grabbing and not putting things back. Yours looks great.

WonderWhyGal said...

Holy Pacapoo! That is a lot of yarn. You have a shop's worth of yarn. Girl, you had better start knitting...or get that loom going so you can weave some of that beautiful yarn.

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