Thursday, August 27, 2015

Got Furballz?

Get your head out of the gutter people... I'm talking about the "silly characters made from long pile plush in bright colors," as goDog describes them.

first noticed these adorable fluffy toys sometime last year when the My Brown Newfies crew was raving about them.  I needed one thought Lola would love one, so Santa brought a big purple one for Christmas.

Lola with our first Furballz, Christmas 2014

No one really played much with the Mr. Purple Furballz after Lola crossed the Bridge, after all playtime pretty much came to a screeching halt at our house. That is, until Penny came along...

While she didn't pay too much attention to the big Furballz (perhaps it looked like a giant monster to my 9lb peanut when she first arrived), Penny became obsessed with the small neon green monster that arrived in her 4-month PupBox last month.

2015-07-18 16.50.37-1

Sophie was also smitten with this new, really bright guy, so I immediately began searching for another small-sized Furballz. First attempt was a total fumble.  I ordered what I thought was the "small" size for a great price on Amazon.  It arrived shortly after and was small alright... Apparently goDog started making a mini size. (Which reminds me, if anyone out there has a pint-sized pooch who'd love a mini, get in touch)

On my second attempt, I made sure to double check the size specs before hitting the order button and a true "small" neon orange Furballz landed on our doorstep. It might have traveled along with a small purple friend as well, but shhh... he's sleeping in Santa's bag.


I guess you could say Penny loves her buddy buddies...


Sophie does too... that is, when she can get her snout on one.


Seriously, that little sister of hers is a total Furballz hog...


I'm just thankful all of my girls love the same crazy, cute toys that their Mama can't get enough of.  Tut, on the other hand, isn't so enthusiastic.  Maybe it's the neon colors?


Unknown said...

These look fun!

Flea said...

Those are so cool! Chewy has a couple of plush ball type toys, but he really only ever wants the flat soft toys. Maybe one of these will do?

2browndawgs said...

Those toys are very cute! I can see why they are a hit. Thanks for joining the hop.

Sue said...

Those are so cute that I'd probably wind up getting one for myself. I think Bailey would like them too. Do you know who carries Huggle Hounds large squirrel toy? Chewy has the small one but I have a couple girls who would love it and they need the larger size.

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