Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Wordless Wednesday: Lightly Haunted

Happy last Wordless Wednesday of October... only four more weeks until Thanksgiving and eight until Christmas. Now that's scary...




Got leaves? #fallinnewengland #fallfoliage #mapleleaves #autumn #fallleaves #instafall



The humans visited Haunted Overload (winner of ABC's The Great Halloween Fright Fight in 2014) last week on one of the "light" nights.  I was anxious to really get to see the amazing scenes and creatures they create (you seriously need to stand next to one of these gigantic things to fully appreciate their size), so this worked out better than going on a regular scary night. We were able to take our time walking through, taking in all of the amazing scenes, but without any actors jumping out (which meant I had a chance to snap a few photos, although quality isn't the best from a very foggy forest).  If you're into Halloween and are in New England, this is a must visit!

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And on that note, Tut wanted everyone to know that these Zuke's Skinny Bakes are scarily good!!!


Talent Hounds said...

That scary walk looks amazing. Kilo the Pug likes the look of those treats

Unknown said...

Your second image is just gorgeous and you're right, Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner! How do they come around faster every year??

Anonymous said...

I love how their ears are perked right up in the picture on the steps! So cute!

2browndawgs said...

That sounds like a fun outing. I don't like when actors jump out at haunted houses either.

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