Tuesday, January 05, 2016

#PupCrate Delivers Joy Every Month + COUPON CODE

Disclosure: PupCrate sent a December subscription box to Lapdog Creations, free of charge for review purposes. I was not compensated for this review and all opinions expressed are my own. 

We were recently asked to review a PupCrate box and jumped at the chance.  After all, who doesn't love a box full of surprises landing on their doorstep? 

PupCrate is a new monthly subscription box on the market, based out of my home state of Massachusetts (which I did not realize until after we received our box - cool). 

Doberman Puppy Loves PupCrate - Save 13% with coupon code LAPDOGCREATIONS

Each monthly box is carefully curated with 4-5 high end treats, toys & other pet products. All items sourced from trusted suppliers, and PupCrate promises that each one will be unique from anything they'll send in a later box

In my book, that little statement scores huge points. If I sign up for multiple months, I expect we will receive new things in each box. Sadly, that is not the case with all subscription boxes, as we have received items that were basically the same toy or treat in multiple months from another company's subscription box in the past.

PupCrate also scores big when it comes to their selection of treats.  You will only receive all-natural, grain-free yummies that are made in the USA

The PupCrate Promise
Unsurpassed in quality. Totally delightful. At PupCrate, we take great care in
selecting products from companies that share our unwavering commitment to the
well-being of your pet. Our team of experts ensures that our products are always
all-natural and grain-free, in an effort to be allergy-conscious. We also strive
whenever possible to source products that are organic and eco-friendly.

Signing your pup up for PupCrate is quick and easy.  In fact, there are just a few steps:
    The Lapdogs Love PupCrate - Save 13% with coupon code LAPDOGCREATIONS
  1. Choose Dog Size
    • Small (0-20 lbs)
    • Medium (20-50 lbs)
    • Large (50+ lbs)
  2. Choose Toy Preference
    • Plush Toys (soft and squishy)
    • Chew Toys (durable and chewy)
    • Mix ("surprise me!")
  3. Choose a Term
    • Month to Month - $29.95
    • 3 Month Prepay - $85.95
    • 12 Month Prepay - $330.95
  4. Enter your account, shipping and billing information
  5. Wait for your pup's first box of FUN to arrive!

We received the December PupCrate box for our review and inside we found:
  • Tuff Ones Tree
    • This holiday themed toy from Outward Hounds is not only adorable, it's durable too, thanks to the extra strong seams.
  • Tuff Ones Candy Cane
    • Another adorable, yet durable, holiday themed toy from Outward Hounds.  I'm not sure which one I like more, but Tut seems partial to the candy cane.
  • My Doggy Soft-Baked Cookies
    • Made in the USA with high quality, all natural ingredients, these treats are also gluten free. We got a bag of wheat-free Apple Honey. They smell amazing and the paw print shape is, well, adorable.
  • 2 bags of Bare Bites
    • So good, PupCrate knew we needed two!  Made in the USA with 100% natural beef liver and absolutely no additives, Bare Bites are for both dogs and cats. 
  • Preppy Puppy Uniced Tree
    • PupCrate says these special holiday treats are from a local bakery in Massachusetts. Tut, Penny and Sophie gobbled them up with no complaints. 
  • Earth Rated Poop Bags
    • Because you can never have too many, PupCrate sends a roll in every box!
Rescued Hound Mix Loves PupCrate - Save 13% with coupon code LAPDOGCREATIONS Rescued Hound Mix Loves Tuff Ones dog toys and PupCrate - Save 13% with coupon code LAPDOGCREATIONS

Not only were the Lapdogs pleased with their box of goodies, their Mama was quite impressed with both the quantity and quality of the items!  The Tuff Ones toys are certainly living up to their name sake. The Lapdogs have been playing with them for several weeks now and not only are they still in one piece, they still squeak too (if you have a squeaker-silencing pooch, you fully appreciate what I'm saying)! 

Senior houndmix Loves PupCrate - Save 13% with coupon code LAPDOGCREATIONS Doberman Puppy and Christmas Tree cookie from PupCrate - Save 13% with coupon code LAPDOGCREATIONS

The Lapdogs tell me the treats are very tasty, but more importantly, they are high-quality and something I feel good about giving to my them. 

All in all, the Lapdogs (and their Mama) give PupCrate an ALL PAWS UP rating!  We highly recommend them for anyone looking for a multiple month subscription box, or even just a single month surprise for your pooch.  After all, what better way to celebrate a birthday or treat your good boy than with a box of surprises that you don't have to think about?  You can even order a box to gift to a friend's new furbaby!


Penny Loves PupCrate - Save 13% with coupon code LAPDOGCREATIONSAre you ready to give PupCrate a try... and SAVE money? Sign up now for any term -- month to month, 3 months or 12 months -- and SAVE 13% OFF WITH COUPON CODE LAPDOGCREATIONS

BONUS! Most coupon codes are only good on your first order, but not this one!  When you sign up at PupCrate and use coupon code LAPDOGCRAETIONS, you will not only SAVE 13% OFF your first order, but you will SAVE 13% OFF each and every renewal as well!  How awesome is that? 

Now what are you waiting for?  Place an order... after all, your dog is waiting for a box full of joy to land on her doorstep!

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Sue said...

That looks like one of the best boxes I've seen. If I had only one dog, that's the box I'd go for. With my house full, it's not practical.

Shadow said...

Those do look like some yummy treats.

Rascal and Rocco said...

I love that the treats are natural, grain free, and U.S. Made! That's awesome! ~RascalandRocco

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