Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Catch Up Part 2 - Pats Win!

Okay, now for more catch up... but before we get to that I would like to ask you to please take a moment to visit the Operation: Bring Charlie Home site. I was made aware of SGT Watson's mission to bring the wonderful Charlie home to the United States by my friend Kim yesterday and will support his efforts in any way I can.... I hope you will too.

Bring Charlie Home

Now, for some catch up from Charlotte! We had a blast at the game, despite the sweltering heat. It was an awesome experience, esp with the number of Patriots fans on hand. We met lots of wonderful people... and it was so cool to just be walking around the stadium area getting approving nods, high-fives, smiles, etc. (you don't even get that in Foxboro from stangers!). The Panthers mascot, Sir Purr (love it!), even took a minute to pose with us "Northern Folk" before the game... and, to our surprise & liking, new Daddy Tom Brady was on the field for the entire first half and to start the second!


This is one of the few pictures I've actually really liked of Matt & I from the past couple years... hhmm, maybe Christmas card worthy? lol


The game was great...
I'll share a few photos and hopefully not bore the non-football fans too much...

Are ya ready for some football??!!

Three Quarterbacks & An Offensive Back...

Hey look Ma... we WON!!!!


Due to the insanely too short stay in Charlotte, we really didn't do too much. We visited a couple of race shops, did a little bit of shopping and ate way too much food though. Of course I made a stop at The Canine Cafe and came home with some treats for the kids. This is what happened when I tried to photo them....

Teutul: "hmm, smells like its mine..."
Mommy: "Teutul, leave it."
Teutul: "I'm not touching it."
Mommy: "Teutul... don't touch!"
Teutul (never taking his eyes off the prize): "hhuuuffff!"


Yes, yes... they all eventually got to touch and chomp away. We have a few of the donuts left and have not yet ripped in to the pumpkin cinnamon biscuits. Sadly, when we stopped in to the store Barbara informed us that TJ, who was doing whatever he pleased and eating all he wanted to that day, was going to be put down the next day. He had just reached such a deteriotating stage and it was time for him to cross the Rainbow Bridge. We were honored to have met TJ that day and got to spend a little time with the precious inspiration for all of the wonderful treats our doggies enjoy so much. Rest in Peace TJ... and keep chasing that ball over the bridge! You will surely be missed by many.
We also brought home a Tony Stewart #20 squeaky bone for the kids...

Mommy: "Zeus, balance this on your nose and look cute..."
Zeus: "hhuufff... I can't see you..."


Lola: "Hey, what's this that just fell off
Zeus' nose and landed on me?"

Other than that, this was actually a pretty tame trip as far as cramming stuff in the luggage to get it home. We didn't have time to visit Charlotte Yarn, so no fibery goodness... I did get a long sleeve Tony t-shirt when we got the bone for the dogs at Joe Gibbs... a super cozy hooded sweater at Outdoor World that I can't wait to wear when it gets cooler (the colorway actually reminds me of one of Heather's Sereknity colorways... I'll have to photo it to post later!)... and I got one of the most comfy pairs of flip flops ever there too. Oh yea, and this cool game pin...
Did I mention we won!!?? So now... back to knitting. I've been knitting up a bunch of little things the past couple of days... stuff for the Holiday Extravaganza at Jenn's on Dec 1st...


Criquette said...

Thanks for posting info about Charlie - what a great testimony to the bond between dogs and people. And that photo is definitely Christmas-card-worthy. I'm emailing you the info you asked for.

Criquette said...

And I love the dog pix - especially Teutal guarding the treats.

Anonymous said...

Go Pats! Sounds like an awesome weekend. I love the cute pics of the dogs and that photo of the two of you is definitely Christmas card material.
Have a great day!

Sonya said...

Wow that was a lot. I hope he is able to bring Charlie home. The history of dogs during war times so far has been horrifiic. Maybe this will changes things.

I also think that would make a great Christmas card.

Alana said...

What cute doggie pics!! Isn't it funny how you can just see what they're thinking sometimes. (Or at least WE think we can.) THEY are probably thinking about what stupid humans we are!! :o)

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