Monday, November 05, 2007

9 and 0!

We're 9 and 0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO PATS!

Notice the smile on his face... while under pressure to throw? Only our Brady!


And he runs too!

Sorry Adam... you've been replaced!

Yes Tedy, we are 9 and 0!!!!!!!!

Did I mention how great it is to be a Boston girl?

A Monday reminder... the Nov. 30th deadline for entering my contest is getting closer! I'll be posting photos of the wonderful prizes later this week. Special thank you to The Princess, who sent some wonderful doggy treats & toys to contribute to the prize loot! You rock!!!


Anonymous said...

There really aren't any other 'girls' than Boston Girls! (raised in Essex, MA, on Northshore... once a Ma$$hole, always a Ma$$hole!)

AllyB said...

I thought about you yesterday when they said in the tv that your team won again. Yay you!

Anonymous said...

Whoo Hoo! Got a little worried yesterday, but I should have known they'd figure it out.
mmm love the Brady pics :)

The Princess said...

You are sooo welcome! And I love reading your updates about your teams and how well they are doing! I can just feel your enthusiasm and excitement!

Have a great day!

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