Thursday, November 01, 2007

Do I Smell Cake?

Thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes for my baby boy last week! I finally got a chance to download the paw-ty pictures off the camera!

There was cake from
Woof It Down!

What do you mean I can't touch it??!!

Aw, heck... its mine, I'm licking it!

Gifts, ordered from
Planet Dog...
Tut_bdaytoys102507 Tut_bdaytoys102507b

And although not birthday presents for Mr. Tut, the Halloween bobos debuted the same night.

Lola & Sophie (as always, click the links for more pics) discovered Devil Bobo...



Then out came The Great Pumpkin Bobo. Here's Lola and


Tut must've been guarding his new birthday toys while we were taking pics. Later we found Sophie with a Bobo stash!


Miss Sophie is still looking for her forever home! Her Petfinder profile is here if you know anyone interested in this beautiful, special baby girl. How could you not fall in love for this?

Sophie_bigbedCUTESLEEP SophieTut_doorstare_1007

Can you believe its November already? Remember those pretty fall leaves from last week?


Well, we got some rain this past week. The view looks like this now.


Not so pretty anymore, huh? Damn rain. I snapped a few pretty "ground shots...."

Leaves1007 Leaves1007b

Matt's not looking forward to cleaning this up (and mind you this is only a portion of an acre filled with leaves).


I promised you finished objects and forgot to photo all of them. For now, here is a pretty weave style dishcloth that I did for my
Fall Into Autumn Swap pal. Its hard to see the neat pattern in the photo, but I'm sure you can see the curious nose!

FIADcloth FIADclothB

In other fibery news, I found a place to spin my dogs' hair once I collect enough... a place that prefers to spin it alone (not mixed with some wool or something not my babies)! I ordered a lab yarn sample card, bag to store Zeus' hair (which is about all I'm getting lately - for some reason there's plenty of black hair on my rug, but when I brush Lola & Tut I get next to nothing) and a skein of oh-la-la yarn... 100% handspun baby camel!

VIPfibers VIPfibers_camel

Oh my stars, this baby camel yarn is soooooooo soft and yummy! I'm thinking of fingerless mitts for me, but haven't totally decided yet.

That's all for today. Don't forget to hop on over to the
Dogs on Thursday site. Paula did a fantastic memorial for Chan's beloved Fred today, so make sure you stop by. Its been a sad month in the doggy blog world. Hop on over and give some cyber hugs to Michelle and her family too. They lost the beautiful Chewy earlier this week.


Cindy said...

A big ole happy birthday to Tut! The other kids seemed to enjoy the festivities. Sophie looks like such a doll. She seems rather tentative and shy (at least in the pix)

Beth said...

I love that little flash of tongue snaking toward the cake!

I periodically think about saving my dogs' fur for spinning but there's not much undercoat and the top coat would be pretty prickly. :( Maybe Elvis' in the spring when he sheds his winter coat.

SissySees said...

Me too! The "tongue" shot is my favorite.

Great photos, all around. I hope Sophie finds a forever home soon. (Fingers crossed...)

Pooch said...

What a great birthday party!! Thanks for the doggie links, too!


Vivian said...

My pups would never sit that still for a cake! they'd be like fire burning under their buns :-))

Sophie is so cute and sweet! I so wish I can add one more dog in my house. Good luck placing her!

YawnOver said...

Cute party! hehe My house is filled with dog toys too :) Sophie is such a pretty girl - hope she finds her forever home soon!!

Donna said...

Great party pics....Tut is too sweet. I will keep fingers crossed for a home for Sophie. She looks sweet. Loved all the photos, and it has been a sad few weeks for Dogs on Thursday. I try to enjoy every day with my poochie.

AllyB said...

What great birthday pics! I know Sam and Max would love to get a lick of that cake, lol.

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