Thursday, November 29, 2007

Last Call!

Last call for entries to my contest... come people, help a dog out! Do it in honor of Dogs on Thursday!!!

Its been a superCRAZYbusyNONSTOPnotimeTObreath kind of week... so forgive the lack of new photos or knitting content. I finished my knitting & doggy cookie baking for the
Holiday Open House at A Knitter's Garden this weekend and delivered all of my packaged & priced product to Joanne last night - big weight off my shoulders and now maybe my darned eye will stop twitching (I noticed an annoying eye twitch the past week and when I googled it, of course the big culprit that came up? STRESS!). Tonight I have a work event that I'm still stressing over and preparing for... oh the joys! I've also now realized that I do not have a Saturday (and barely any Sundays) free until after the holidays... ay, yi, yi!

So, in honor of DOT, 2 announcements for local doggy Christmas photos with Santa events... If you go to either one, please tell them Nichole sent you!

This Sunday, Dec 2 at
The Grooming Emporium, Lowell, MA

GE holidayflyer 2007

Saturdays Dec 1 & 8 at Woof It Down, Windham, NH...

Pet Holiday Photos at Woof It Down!!

Saturday December 1 & 8

Time: 10:30 - 1:30

Many styles and formats to choose from at great prices!

No appointment necessary.
Pets are required to be on leash please.

Enjoy your Doggy Thursday... if you hear screaming, crying or uninteligible jibber jabberish today, its probably just me trying to get through today's work event... wishing I could just go home and curl up on the couch ala Teutul style...



Beth said...

Teut has the right idea! I wouldn't mind curling up like that right about now. ;)

Pooch said...

Looks like Teutul knows how to enjoy the warmth of knitted items. He looks to comfy!


Natalie Rush said...

Good luck getting through your day. Love the pictures. I love it when Jackjack curls up like's such a great pose. :)

I love when people rescue too. Usually when my friends are looking for a dog or have a dog that they need help finding a home for, they ask for my help. I like being that person.

Good luck with your contest too. I cast on for the snuggly but i'm going to need time after holiday knitting to finish it. :) It's going to get done though.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Oh, so cute! I wish I was doing that right about now!

Donna said...

Your pup is so sweet looking. Good luck on your fundraising.

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