Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Keeping the Needles Clicking

It seems like I haven't posted much for knitting content as of late, huh? I really do knit.. I do, I do! In fact I have a FO to show!

The Mini Felted Bag, which I did in a hand dyed yarn that happened to leave my brand new bamboo circs with a purple tint (I'll spare you the details - see my Ravelry projects for more info).


I wasn't sure how much I was liking this bag as I knit it up (due to the large pools of color), but once it felted I think its pretty cute! It just might be a Christmas gift for someone, but I haven't totally decided yet. I will do another for me, but in a more neutral shade.

IslandJewelsBag_708b IslandJewelsBag_708

One of the things I love most about this cute bag? The way the bottom came out with the thin "stripes"! (stop laughing...)


As usual, I have 101 several WIPs going. Another probable Christmas gift is the Russet Scarf, which I previewed in yesterday's Signature Needles review.

SigNeed_Russet_708 RussetScarf_708

The lace pattern is simple enough and the results are quite pretty. I cast on mostly to review the needles, without an intended recipient, however as I've knit the first 2 pattern repeats, I think I have someone on Matt's side of the family in mind. The yarn is Dream In Color Classy and perhaps I'm having "yarn malfunctions" as of late because it is leaving a blue line across my fingers as I knit (according to the forum on Ravelry, this seems to be a common issue with DIC's blue yarns and should hopefully go away). I will be sure to wash and block the scarf well!

I've also been chugging along on my the Cross Stitch Scarf for myself (originally cast on to review the new Rowan Colourscape yarn) and am loving how this yarn is knitting up! This is my second CS scarf and an easy to memorize 2 row pattern, therefore its my brainless, easy travel knitting for now.


This past weekend, New Hampshire hosted the Summer Knit & Crochet Show which brought my friend, the hilarious and uber talented, MaryBeth Temple to town. MBT and Little Loopy (aka "the kid") joined us on Wednesday night at A Knitter's Garden for some chit chat, book signings, knitting and maybe a few too many brownies (aw heck, what I am saying... there's no such thing as too many brownies, right?).

Joanne proudly modeling my scarf (well, this one isn't mine... but my Mom is working on mine, she was the first to buy MBT's new pattern!)


I modeled the scarf too, but that photo is quite dorky so instead here's MBT and I (note the pretty pendant she's wearing... you like? I made it for her in the MultiTasking 9-5 swap!)


The Purling Petals clicking away on the needles (we were missing at least 4 regulars last week, as many ladies are on vacation)...

AKG_72308_PurlingPetalsMBT AKG_72308_PurlingPetals

AKG_72308_marleneMarlana AKG_72308_JoanneKatieMBT

Joanne and MBT were interviewed by The Nutfield News and Little Loopy came to join us at the table ... and was sucked in to the Shawl KAL!

AKG_72308_JoanneMBT AKG_72308_KatieMBT

The Shawl KAL that we're doing is going great (with many "distant" Purling Petal friends joining in on the Ravelry forum) ... everyone's is so different, but I think my favorite just might be blogless Cheryl's! She's using a gorgeous handdyed rayon...


I'm using Mission Falls wool... but already bought some beautiful handdyed wool/bamboo/nylon at the K&C Show on Sunday for another (which means this wool one may become a gift). You can see the big difference between the rayon and wool...



We had a great night and hope our guests did as well - even if MBT did end up having to buy the kid yarn & needles when she got hooked on the KAL! Joanne & I met up with MBT again on Sunday at the show - but I'll save the show photos for later (read: I haven't downloaded the pics of my yarn purchases yet).

Since I don't have K&C stash enhancement photos for you yet, I'll leave you with a little promotion for A Knitter's Garden... its the basket of beauteous handdyed yarn from Seacoast Handpainted! Joanne met with the new owner and will not only continue to carry the line, but will hopefully be getting some exclusive colorways named after the Purling Petals and the shop!



SissySees said...

No time to really comment; must go to Ravelry and stalk Cheryl... that is DEFINITELY the beauty of the bunch, not that any are short of lovely!

MBT said...

Hey - don't think I didn't notice how you tried to cleverly mask your galloping case of startitis by blaming it on having to write reviews for the blog - I see right through you, missy :-)

LL is still knitting away, I am shocked, I tell you, shocked.

Must be because of the brownie fumes.

Dianne said...

I love how the felted bag came out with the pools of color like that! I've got to put that in my Ravelry queue. The cross stitch scarf is already in my queue, and I think I'm going to be casting on for one very soon. I just love that pattern, and the yarn you chose is great.

Turtle said...

Wow, lots of projects! But great knitting inspiration! My mom had forgotten about the show last weekend . Looks like you had fun!

Joanne said...

Hey, PR lady, Thanks for the "Review"!! We had a nice night and a great Sunday at the K/C Show. Pics are great as usual!!

wildflower38 said...

I love that tote bag! Its cute! :)

Grace said...

loved this post so much to see and read!!!

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