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REVIEW: Pampered Paw Gifts

Pampered Paw Gifts
Special Lapdog Creations Gift
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Pampered Paw Gifts


I saved this special review to coincide with Dogs on Thursday!

When Tera, owner of Pampered Paw Gifts, approached me to review her products, I was very excited! Offering unique gifts for both dogs and cats (as well as pet parents!), Pampered Paw Gifts is a unique shopping experience.


Gift baskets are offered in all shapes and sizes for any occassion (birthday, holiday, pet loss, thank you, new puppy/kitten, etc) and are completely customizable! Pampered Paw Gifts also offers both dog & cat cakes, treats, toys and luxury gifts. A high point in my book is that all of the treats offered are high quality, made form natural and human grade ingredients - and nutrional information is available on the website.


Tera surprised me by creating a one two-of-a-kind special Lapdog Creations Gift. The gift contains a 2009 Rachael Hale (my favorite pet photographer) mini dog calendar, vanilla wafer treats, large peanut butter bones dipped in carob, yogurt & sprinkles and a fun Zanies stuffed squeaky bone ... all packed up pretty in a super cute large clear vinyl-zippered bone shaped purse, accented with a single paw print sticker and beautiful ribbon -- completely ready to gift to the deserving doggy on your shopping list!

LapdogBaskets_Zeus LapdogBaskets_ZeusB

Tera is offering this exact gift basket to any of my readers for just $22! If you are interested in purchasing one, please contact her via the website UPDATED TO INCLUDE DIRECT LINK TO THE SPECIAL LAPDOG CREATIONS GIFT HERE (READERS: PLEASE NOTE UNDER THE PRICE WHERE IT SAYS TO EMAIL FOR YOUR SPECIAL DISCOUNT CODE!) and mention that you would like to purchase the Pampered Paw Gifts Special Lapdog Creations Gift. A portion of Pampered Paw Gifts sales are given back to rescues & shelters around the country and I was given the opportunity to pick which organization would receive that portion from the sale of the special LCG. I chose Janet and Precious Pets Animal Rescue. Janet is a one woman show and the angel responsible for rescuing my dear sweet Sophie off of the rural streets of MO. Therfore, for every LCG purchased, a portion of the proceeds will go to straight to helping Janet rescue, care for and adopt out more of these delightful strays.

LapdogBaskets_Teutul LapdogBaskets_TeutulC

All 4 of my dogs highly enjoyed the goodies tucked in side of the gift basket - especially the peanut butter treats dipped in carob & yogurt! I will enjoy the adorable Rachael Hale calendar (Tera didn't even know how much I adore her work when she put this basket together) and am finding that the super cute bone shaped zippered bag makes a great small project knitting bag (talk about a multitasking gift!)! The only change I might've made to this special LCG would have been to change the color theme from green to purple (Matt actually pointed that out... men don't pay attention to many details, but he did notice that and I thought it was sweet). Regardless of color, the gifts are high quality and I will certainly be using Pampered Paw Gifts for my own future gift giving needs! They even have a Buyer Rewards program!

LapdogBaskets_Sophie LapdogBaskets_LolaC

So, whether you need to get a birthday gift for your furbaby, send a new kitten basket to your Aunt, shop for your 4 legged holiday gifts in one spot or want to send a special thank you treat, Pampered Paw Gifts is the place for you! The gifts are also great for businesses - grooming clients, VIP customers, etc.

CONTEST! Pampered Paw Gifts was gracious enough to provide two of the special LCG baskets and that means I have one to giveway! All you need to do is leave a comment here telling me what furbaby would be the lucky recipient if you win and mention a product that peaked your interest over on the Pampered Paw Gifts website. Please don't forget to include a means of contacting you if you win! Deadline to enter is Thursday, August 7th at midnight. Winner will be selected by random number generator. Thank you to Tera for providing the giveaway.

The winner of the Crochet Lace book from a previous review was drawn via random number generator... Congratulations Alana! I will be in touch to get your mailing address.


SissySees said...

Well, Mugsy AND Sissy would have to share, as you well know, but I'm positive that Sissy would be crushed if I didn't call the truffles the thing that caught my eye on her site.

PLEASE tell me that once the photos were done, you let those lovely dogs have THEIR basket?

Sue said...

I often send new puppy gifts or condolence gifts so this site could come in handy. For my dogs, I really liked the plaid IDs.

Kathy R said...

My pup Lucy would be the recipient of the gift basket if I am the lucky winner.

The product that caught my eye was the Cat's Meow Birthday Tower. It was very creative, the way the boxes were stacked up to look like a cake. I think it would be a nice birthday gift for my mom's kitty.

Anonymous said...

My year old mutt would be hard pressed to decide between a toy and a treat - he has that puppy playfulness in him. He has his own website if you wanna see him:

Cindy said...

The "babies" look adorable and so good at modeling.

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic gift basket - you have some very lucky dogs : ) I am totally digging the Hawaiian straw carriers on Pampered Paw Gifts! If I were the lucky winner, the package would go to Dexter, a Pomeranian who was rescued off Dexter St. in Colorado. He is now living with my MIL (a first time dog owner!) and she can't imagine life without him. The anniversary of his adoption is coming up on September 4th : )

Sheryl aka: KNITIDIOT said...

Great treats! I don't have any dogs, but this is a great gift for my parents dog. She LOVE peanut butter!! I will check out the site for kitties goodies for my 4 fur babies! Thanks for the info!

vegasangelbrat said...

Afrai my two would have to share and I know they wouldn't mind at all, they do tug together too!
What a neat idea and Purple!!! Oh love it! Will definitely check out the website!! Thanks Nic!

Love the doggies holding all those goodies, your a brave sole! lol

Anonymous said...

My Calvin (a weimariener) would be my lucky dog. I loved the birthday bones on the site. I've been wondering if I could make a dog-safe cake, but a birthday bone would probably be a better plan

Anonymous said...

Those are really cute gift packages. Your dogs look so cute! What a cute and creative idea.

O2SeeNIN said...

Echo is on a strict diet because he is sick with kidney disease :( and can't eat anything but his prescription. So I would give mine to my friend's german shep Cleo.

I love all the cupcakes. Oh, you mean the aren't cupcakes, they are doggie cakes? shoot. That site made me hungry.


Kenyetta said...

Awesome Gift Basket! Lucky Pooches!
On the website, it was too much to choose from- the carrot cake, birthday cakes, the build your own snack pack...I am very food motivated! LOL
If I won, I would split the basket between Snoop and Diamond with Diamond getting a little extra as a belated birthday gift!

Turtle said...

Oh wow, definately bookmarked it! The treats looked fabulous, those carob dipped and sprinkled...looked like i would enjoy dunking them in some milk! And the kitty goodies! Well the stray cat gets spoiled enough in our household so our old faithful would be the recipient. One thing aside from the treats that did catch my eye were the barkarita dog dishes, they are raised like a bar glass a bit higher off the floor. Being an older dog i think she would enjoy this on her old bones. Such a great site!!

Turtle said...

oh, congrats alana!!

MBT said...

Well Cinderella puppy thinks she should be the gift basket recipient, random numbers be damned. I told you she thinks she is queen of the world!

She also thinks I should run back to the web site and order her the Hawaiian Hound carrier so I could cart her around in the style she thinks she should be accustomed to. Mostly, I make her walk, which exhausts her princess paws.

Mara said...

Boston and Bailey would have to share if they won as well. I think they would be curious to see what Snickers favorite snacks are that come in that cute takeout box. I'm sure that they would agree with Snickers that those snacks would be their favorites too!

Paula said...

Wow that i a great site!
I saved it for up coming gift ideas!
Your pooches are so well trained.
I love how good your dogs are posing with their baskets!
Elise would be drooling and slobbering all ove that basket if I put it that close to her!

Sara said...

I do believe my granddog "Griffin" would appreciate a gift from there.

I thought the dog carriers were really pretty!!!!

ktb38 said...

My dog, Asta, would be the lucky one!
I really loved the carriers. They were so cute!

popojijo19 said...

Biannka, our dog, would love to be pampered but what caught my eye were the pet carriers for my bunny Nacho.

Leslie Marken said...

Sadie would want the toy, but she would share treats with Nikita. I think the baskets on the website would be great gifts for our friend's dogs.

Anonymous said...

Awesome gifts, awesome pics! The pups look extra adorable in this photo shoot!
Hard to make a choice... LOVE the doggie cakes. Wish they were human cakes too ;) Daizzy doesn't mind either way, she says let there be cake!

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