Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Day 5

We're in to day 5 and still no electricity here in no-man's land. Some of you had asked if we had this or that - nope, nothing! Everything in our house runs on electric, so we have no running water (well pump), no flushing toilet (septic pump), no heat or stove (electric)... and no, we do not have a fire place. We have a wood stove that we have never dared to use since we moved in due to a funky chimney that looks like an unskilled child built and certainly doesn't seem safe. We do have the generator which we run a few things off of - a light, tv, 2 small electric oil filled heaters, etc. We shut it all down at bedtime and bundle up.

Some of you know that I had to deal with some very difficult, not understanding people in the past couple of days. I just don't understand why people need to be so nasty and uncaring during a very difficult and stressful time... We're in a State of Emergency in both New Hampshire & Massachusetts! Talk about dampening spirits. With the stress of everything, I just don't know whether to scream, cry, run in a corner & hide or kick someone.......... ugh. I've heard from others around here who say "good luck" and "hang in there," yet they've managed to have real heat or be able to cook a meal and take a shower. I'm especially sick of hearing how horrible it was for some people to have been without power for 12 hours or a day. I know they mean well, but if I hear "hang in there" from them one more time I think I just might let out that scream! You just really have no idea what its like to have nothing until it happens at your house.... and then to be on day 5. I can relate to those who manage through this awful time during hurricanes, tornadoes, etc.... but it is just not meant to be in the USA!

I know our utility crews are working hard and am very thankful for all the crews who have come in to our state to help from all over the country. As a good friend said to me last night, "If I had power, I'd cook them all a homemade meal!" And thank you to all of my wonderful friends who are truly concerned and care - your text messages have meant alot, as have all the comments left on the blog.

One last thing (and yes, I am a bit bitchy today, but I think I've earned it), for all my jerky darling neighbors who have power and are cranking on their Christmas lights... its not helping to make us feel jolly or in the holiday spirit, thank you very much.

ETA: Yes, we're pretty much going to loose everything in the fridge & freezer and I really dread cleaning it out and having to replace it all......... oh joys!


Turtle said...

That so sucks! (and i can completely understand) 2 years ago on dec 3rd we lost our power for 5 1/2 days, it sucked as almost every neighbor had a generator and we were left in the dark. We did have water and a natural gas fireplace, but without power the fan did not blow the heat out, and our wood fireplace we did not dare use having no idea when it was last cleaned before we bought the house. This past friday night after losing power 7 times that day we went and bought a generator, no more camping in the house totally roughing it! my mom lives just north of your ice mess....good luck to you! Sucks, especially during the holidays.

SissySees said...

That's almost heartless of your neighbors. I sure as heck hope that you have power VERY soon - like tonight? It's past hang in there - it's the house next to us is vacant... ;)

Dianne said...

I'm just getting caught up on blog reading - I can't believe you have not had power for so long. Go ahead and scream and bitch all you want - you need to have a place to vent! I'm sending hugs your way. I wish it was some heat or some running water or a big, kick-ass, whole-house generator!

Anonymous said...

We've been without power for Extended Periods of time (at the Farm they've got a well with an electric pump too and oh how I feel for you), and I have always been extremely grateful that our power outages happen in the summer and not the winter. Kick and scream all you want! If nothing else, it will keep you warm. Do all the dogs fit in the bed with you at night?

I really want to ask if there is anything you need, but by the time the mail could get it there, you'll have your lights back. Know that I am sending you virtual casseroles, soup and hot water bottles.

Criquette said...

Every time I hear something about parts of the Northeast still being without power, I think of you and hope it goes back on really soon. after one of the big hurricanes years ago, we were without power for 2 weeks, but it was more of an annoyance because it was late summer. We could open windows, fan ourselves, BBQ outside and it was no problem eating stuff that didn't have to be cooked. I can't imagine how hard (and potentially dangerous) it must be to have no power when it's so cold and you can't go anywhere to get away from it and you need hot food to warm up, but you can't cook it. I agree with Dianne - use your blogland friends to bitch and moan and complain and say nasty things about your nasty neighbors. Take care of yourself!

GoldenTracks said...

I agree with Turtle. That So Sucks! After the hurricane, with no power for 13 days! we fired up the grill, as did our neighbors, and cooked anything that was thawing in the freezer so we could save as much as we could. If your temps are staying low enough, put some of the stuff outdoors, inside the grill, inside coolers, anything you can find to keep the critters out.
I know you are sick of it. You have every right to have a bitchy day or to sit down and have a good cry.
Wish I could help you!

Anonymous said...

You would think the neighbors with heat would invite you in for a meal and a shower How rude to have the sparkly lights on and let the neighbors stay in the cold, dark night. g

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