Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Felting In A Winter Wonderland

First of all, let me say... December already??!! WTH??

Now, with that said... Remember the couple of felted bags I tried to pass off as finished objects here? Well, now they're officially finished!

Here's the nearly-year-long Booga bag...

Booga2_felted Booga2_feltedC

After felting this bag, I've come to decide that Nuro Kureyon really isn't all that its cracked up to be. Some of the colorways may be fantastic, but I recall at least three times setting this project aside due to my dry skin not liking it slide across my fingers... and it just does not felt all that well!

A yarn that felts fantastically??? Patons Classic Wool! This stuff felts fast and well (read - these little buggers truly stand up on their own!)! I'll definitely use it for more felted projects in the future. Here are the mini felted totes #3 & #4 (and I'll get another from what's still left of the second skein).

PatonsTote_feltedC PatonsTote_feltedB

Back to not-so-great felting. Here's the mini felted tote in SWS. I absolutley loved this tote... that is, before it was felted. I even went out and bought some more of this colorway... since this was going to go in my Amazing Autumn Coffee Swap box and I needed to make another for me... until this happened.



Sorry Chan (don't get too excited... Chan & I actually asked to spoil each other in the coffee swap, so we already know), but I just didn't like it so much after felting! The yarn felted some... and fuzzed a tun. It was soooooo much prettier in the pre-felting stages, see?


On that note, I did felt a little something else for Chan but since she won't receive it until tomorrow or Thursday, I'll leave it off the blog for now.

Public Service Announcement...... ISE 7 (International Scarf Exchange) sign ups are slow and they have extended the deadline. Hope on over here for more information. Sign ups are open until they reach 100 or until Monday, Dec 8th. Don't miss out! ISE 6 was my first experience and it was so much fun - I can't wait for this round.


silfert said...

Patons, eh? Gotta get me some of that...

Turtle said...

nice felting! i am so thining of the scarf sign up! just what i need, more commitment knitting, smile!

SissySees said...

Yeah... I "shaved" the SWS Sidekick I made a couple of years ago. You know, those sweater stones? It helped the fuzz factor a lot.

But why does felting change the hues of the yarn sometimes!?

I didn't like the way my Booga with Kureyon felted (or not, more accurately) either.

Unknown said...

That's rather a bummer about the felting. I'm not a big fan of Noro in the best of times, but then it wouldn't felt.

And the SWS - they bill that as feltable. Huge bummer! g

Anita said...

They all turned out so pretty!!!

I've had the same problem with Noro.... Galway also felts really nice.

Bubblesknits said...

Those are really pretty (even the fuzzy SWS one). :-) I never seem to have luck when it comes to felting, so I rarely try it.

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Hubby and I are knitting wine totes for Christmas gifts then will felt them have never tried felting dark horse hoping it felts well.Hugs Darcy

Natalie Rush said...

I've only felted one thing and it was fun!! I should try out some more!! Nice felts!! thanks for the inspiration!

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