Monday, February 09, 2009

Too Small Valentine

Yet another manic mundane Monday is upon us and I have a couple of FO's from this past weekend to show off...

First up, the The Wedding Bands cloth for Shannon. The shower was Saturday and I wanted to put a little something handmade in with the goodies from her registry... So with a little stash diving I found a gigantic skein of white cotton and cast on Wednesday night at knitting where I got the majority of it done, then finished it off Friday night while watching Ghost Whisperer. Very quick knit - and a very cute result (you can click on the pics to enlarge for a closer view)



The shower was in a very quaint little historic spot, Longfellow's Wayside Inn. They had a room set up downstairs with old furnishings and such, which included a WIP ball of wool and needles. Unfortunately, I forgot to photo it on the way out. I ended up winning my table's centerpiece by knowing the most about the bride, which was surprising (we're friends of the groom)!


Aren't they gorgeous? I wish you had sniff-o-net because they smell fantastic!

On Saturday night I finally got back to Bella's Valentine. Finshed? Yes. Quick knit? Yes. Cute? Very...


Toddler size? Not a chance. Unless of course Bella is going for a really unique look..


She did love it though, so I will get some more PolarKnit in pink and cast on the larger size, as well as go up to the size 11 needles and see if we can actually get something that fits. I had assumed the smaller size was for a toddler and the larger was for an older child, but I guess I was wrong. Sophie reluctantly helped with some modeling...

HeartsHat_209_Sophie HeartsHat_209_SophieC

I couldn't get her to actually wear it long enough to snap a pic.

mmm... smells tasty!


Here's to getting thru the rest of your Monday! Stay tuned later this week for some upcoming reviews including Namaste's newest bag Zuma and the awesome new Pet Projects book!


SissySees said...

Well, it gave everyone in the office a good giggle!

Natalie Rush said...'s so small!! Looks great in the pics though!! Love the dishcloth! what a great idea!

~Tonia~ said...

What a great idea with the wash cloth.

The hat is adorable. I don't even know if that would fit a smaller child. It is a shame that it didn't fit.

Anonymous said...

Super cute washcloth! The hat is adorable, even if pint sized ;)

gypsyknits said...

Love the dishcloth. I need to make one:)
The hat is adorable.

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