Friday, October 09, 2009

Devil Dog wants your vote!

TGIF... and even better, we have a long weekend ahead!


To all of our friends over on Facebook, Zeus would like you to know that he is campaigning hard to win the Halloween photo contest on Cloud Star's page. The prizes are treats of course... which he has reluctantly promised to share with his siblings should he win. Now all you have to do to vote for the big guy is leave a comment on his photo page here (just click on that link).

After that shameless plug (I swear its Zeus... he really loves those Cloud Star treats!), I owe you something else, right? Will some foliage pictures do?

Tree_10609 Leaf_10609

A couple more...

Leaf_10609b Foliage10609

I'm hoping to get some better ones this weekend, since we plan to head up north for one of the fairs. Until then, its time for some Friday Fill-Ins...

1. Sweet dreams are something that I enjoy.

2. This week has been both great and a test of my patience, especially for me.

3. Silliness is welcome in my house!

4. Zeus would really love to win the Cloud Star costume contest this Halloween.

5. Outstanding or not, pizza is usually always yummy.

6. To be leaf peeping up north is what I want right now!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to relaxing at home and watching Ghost Whisperer, tomorrow my plans include hopefully peeping some leaves up north and getting to the fair (no, we didn't make it to Deerfield last weekend... too much rain) and Sunday, I want to enjoy the Fall Classic race!


Bubblesknits said...

Zeus is too sweet to be a devil dog, though! :-)

Ghost Whisperer was pretty funny last night. It was a nice twist to the story, too.

SissySees said...

Go Zeus!! I second what Jessi said though... you're too sweet to be a devil!!

Anita said...

I can't believe you dressed him up as a devil... he's so sweet. :)

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