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REVIEW: Planet Dog RecycleBALLS

Planet Dog: RecycleBALLS
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Planet Dog has recently expanded their popular line of recycled dog toys with RecycleBALLS and RecycleBONES. The Lapdogs had the pleasure of testing an Orbee-Tuff RecyleBALL and the Orbee-Tuff RecycleBALLS Three-Toys-In-One Value Pack.


As you can see, the new toys peaked quite a bit of interest. As I was trying to photograph them for this review, Lola laid claim to the yellow RecycleBALL... tags and all.

PD_recyleballs_Lola PD_recyleballs_LolaTutB

Both RecycleBALLS are rated 5 out of 5 chompers and feature Planet Dog's signature mint-scent. The RecycleBALLS Three-Toys-In-One Value Pack seemed to be the favorite. It is essentially two RecycleBALLS on a piece of reclaimed climbing rope, provided by Planet Dog's neighbor Sterling Rope. The back of the tag suggests other ways to use the toy - including removing one of the balls to make a toss toy and having a second ball to toss as is. Our kids definitely seem to like having both balls on the rope to play with... whether as a toss toy or for an impromptu tug-of-war game amongst themselves.


REDUCE. REUSE. REWOOF. The toys in this Regrind Line are just as durable and minty as first-run Orbee-Tuff toys. Due to the recycled material content, the assortment of colors in the Regrind line varies and most frequently includes solid Purple, Black, Pale Yellow and Green.

Like the colors of the RecycleBALL, the colors of the rope for the Three-Toys-In-One will vary and be based on what color scraps are available for recycling. Sterling Rope, a like-minded Maine company committed to making the highest quality and safest products while reducing their environmental impact, was eager to be part of this “up-cycling” project. "We were thrilled when Planet Dog approached us about working together on this project," says John Branagan, who handles outdoor recreation sales and dealer services for Sterling Rope. "We are impressed by their commitment to reducing their carbon pawprint and we are proud to be a part of their efforts to do so," adds Branagan.

Planet Dog is always looking for ways to develop new and unique, tail-wagging products that have minimal impact on the environment. Not only are all of their award-winning Orbee-Tuff toys recyclable, but they reuse 100% of their post-production material. The recycled material is used in their Orbee-Tuff Regrind line. “We don’t know of any other toy company that takes their leftover material and makes productive use of it,” says Stephanie Volo, Planet Dog's Top Dog. “With so many of our top selling Orbee-Tuff toys out there, it is important for us to make them environment-friendly,” adds Volo.

Planet Dog has won several awards for their Orbee-Tuff toy collection, which is noted as the most durable, pliable, chewy, buoyant and bouncy toys on the market. All of the Orbee-Tuff toys are made in the USA, are recyclable and feature Planet Dog's 100% guarantee.



Sue said...

The pictures say it all. Your four footed reviewers liked them.

SissySees said...

Gretchen is a PD ball fan (as you well know). She has asked Santa for a new PANK "world" ball this year...

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