Monday, June 14, 2010

REVIEW: Around the Corner Crochet Borders

Around the Corner Crochet Borders
by Edie Eckman
Paperback: 320 pages
Publisher: Storey Publishing (May 13, 2010)


Around the Corner Crochet Borders is a delightful book bursting with cute borders that you'll be itching to add to your projects - 150 different borders to be exact! 

A beautiful border adds that special finishing touch to any project, whether you visioned it from the first stitch or had an afterthought when casting off. Edgings are essentail to many popular knit and crochet items - blankets, scarves, afghans - and they just give your project that "completed" look.  It doesn't matter if you knit or crocheted the main project, a crochet border is the perfect solution for adding that final touch.

Are you tired of using the same old border over and over again?  With Around the Corner Crochet Borders, Edie Eckman comes to the rescue with 150 solutions, each more colorful and delightful than the next.  Each border pattern includes clear directions for working around a corner without breaking the pattern (essential!) and the instructions are given in both text and chart format.  Up close, detailed color photographs of each pattern turning a 90-degree corner are included, making it easy to flip through for something that catches your eye.

Borders range from the delicate to the flamboyant and there is surely something to appeal to everyone... now if I would just learn how to crochet, I'd be all set!

About the Author: Edie Eckman is the author of The Crochet Answer Book and a nationally known teacher, designer, writer, and editor in both the crochet and knitting worlds. Her designs and techniques have been published in a variety of magazines and booklets. She lives in Waynesboro, Virginia.

CONTEST! How would you like to win your very own copy of Around the Corner Crochet Borders? To enter, simply choose to Follow This Blog publicly if you don't already (see "Followers" on the right hand side bar), then leave a comment here telling me what your go-to crochet border is. To get an extra entry, send your friends here to enter and be sure to have them mention your name. Winner will be selected by random number generator and must be a follower of Lapdog Creations in order to win. Deadline for entries is Tuesday, June 22 at midnight. So get those referrals coming in ... blog, Tweet, Facebook and text away!


SissySees said...

How did I miss this?! I knew Edie was working on a "border book" but I didn't realize it was at press already!

I like shell borders a lot, so I guess they're my go-to crochet border.

gMarie said...

Chan sent me :) I don't really use a crocheted border - but I have a plan. g

Marjie said...

I haven't crocheted since, I think, 1977, but at least I "sort of" know what's going on. Chan sent me, so enter her in lieu of me, OK?

Great book review, as always; you make me want to buy these books and add another thing to my list of "to-do's"!

Anita said...

I think that's the first book in a long time that I've really been interested in. :)
Of course I follow your blog in my google reader... hehe
And my go-to border would have to be a picot.

Bubblesknits said...

I heard about the contest through Chan, but sadly, I have no go to crochet border. lol Crochet and I don't get along very well. Hurts my wrist for some reason. If you draw my name, just send it to Sissy and Gretchen. ;)

(lia) said...

I usually use a shell border too. It's a little girlie, though, so I'm excited to see what options there are for blankets and such made of boys & men.

beekay said...

I use the shell border, but I also like the picot edge. I would love to learn about some new borders!

Vaughnde said...

I LOVE Edie Eckmann! I have one of her books already but I don't have this one. I am a follower of your blog as of this morning and My go to crochet border at the moment is Shells. I would love to learn new borders! Crocheting off and on since age 17, put on the back burner 3 years ago and took it up again this past December and being going like mad on projects!

Anonymous said...

I would have to say a picot or single crochet border. But, I knit more than I crochet now.

Anonymous said...

I would love to learn new borders!

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