Tuesday, June 15, 2010

REVIEW: Think Pawsitive Dog Treats

Think Pawsitive Dog Treats
Whec to Find: Think Pawsitive Dog Snacks

"Organic Treats Made by Loving Hands for Healthy Paws"

The 4-legged Lapdog reviewers sure have been hard at work lately taste testing t-r-e-a-t-s, the latest being from Think Pawsitive Dog Snacks

 ThinkPawsitive_4Dogs_510 ThinkPawsitive_Tut_510

Based out of Massachusetts, Think Pawsitive is the brain child of Sean (a life-long dog lover), his fiance Greia ("as in sangria") and their friend Shawn (a pop culture junkie).  The three combine to make healthy and tasty treats that will leave dogs begging for more - just ask their own 4-legged taste testers, Toby and Tek!  All of the ingredients used are organic and human grade - meaning everything that goes into Think Pawsitive treats can be consumed by humans. 

The Lapdogs had the pleasure of testing 3 of the Think Pawsitive cookie varieties; Snickerpaws, Carrot Cake and Gluten-Free Peanut Butter Carob Chip. 


Snickerpaws smell just as delightful as they sound... and judging by the Lapdogs reaction, taste even more delightful!  The smell of apple, cinnamon and honey bursts out as soon as you open the package.  The adorable puppy-dog shape is the perfect size treat for my pack, however you can easily break the cookies into smaller bites if needed. 

The Carrot Cake cookies smell just as wonderful - and good enough for humans to want to sample!  Of course they contain organic carrot, nutmeg and honey, but there's a little extra twist... organic pineapple!  Due to the fresh produce used, Think Pawsitive does recommend that the Carrot Cake cookies be stored in the fridge and used within three weeks of receipt. 
Think Pawsitive's newest recipe is a Gluten-Free Peanut Butter Carob Chip cookie.  With an emerging market for gluten-free pet products, they've come up with something for your pooch that tastes as good as it looks! 


Think Pawsitive is a socially-minded company who not only gives us an option of healthy, all natural treats to feed to our pets, but also allows us to do good for the environment as well.  The paper-based components of their packaging use non-bleached cardboards, which are completely recyclable.  In addition, their Cookie Canister Club helps to reduce packaging as well as save you money!  For $4.95 you purchase an environmentally friendly canister for you to store your Think Pawsitive treats in (you can see a canister in the above photo). In exchange Think Pawsitive will send you a discount code good for 15% off of your total purchase of ANY items you order from them... for life!  Truly a win-win situation - you will have your canister to keep treats fresh when you receive them and Think Pawsitive will be using less of our planet’s limited resources.

A New England based business and healthy, organic treats that the Lapdogs love - and proudly give a 16 Paws Up rating to.  In fact, they're so good that Lola even wanted to run away with the box...

ThinkPawsitive_Lola_510b ThinkPawsitive_Lola_510c

What more could one ask for?  How about the fact that Think Pawsitive gives 2% of their gross sales to animal charities and shelters! 


What are you waiting for? Order some for your pups today... they even offer free shipping on all orders over $25.


Laurin said...

I have ordered assortments of TP treats for two families, and their dogs had to be shooed away from the packing boxes so the goodies could be unpacked - the smells were so enticing. Great treats, great value, good people.

Anonymous said...

What a great review, maybe I can steal Mommy or Daddys magic plastic card and order myself some!!


Anita said...

I love it when your pups get packages. :) Great photos!

SissySees said...

Waiting to confer with wondervet tomorrow, but Sis is almost assuredly headed to a "permanent" (read: until it stops working) gluten-free diet... hmmm...

gypsyknits said...

Lucky dogs you have there :).

Thanks for the woof reviews.

Marjie said...

Lola! Bring back that box! Mommy does not want to pick up pieces of cardboard all over the place!

Sue said...

My dogs are so jealous of your dogs. They get to taste test all those yummy new treats.

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