Tuesday, June 01, 2010

REVIEW: Paws Gourmet

Paws Gourmet
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Paws Gourmet Inc.


Paws Gourmet offers a variety of high quality, all natural treats for the discerning pooch. Their gourmet dog treats are made with superior human-grade food ingredients with no preservatives, cornmeal or fillers. Most of their cookies are wheat free, ensuring a high quality treat for our friends with wheat intolerance.

The Lapdogs had the pleasure of taste-testing the Pumpkin Oat Bones, as well as 4 varities of their Soft Training Treats. The result? Some happy, tail-wagging canines and an official 16 Paws Up Lapdog Seal of Approval!

PawsGourmet_Sophie PawsGourmet_Tut

The Pumpkin Oat Bones (oat flour, pumpkin, molasses, eggs, cinnamon, allspice and nutmeg) were a huge hit. The 2" bone shaped cookies are the perfect size treat for most dogs and can easily be broken in half for smaller pups. Pumpkin is increasingly becoming a popular ingredient in dog treats for the amazing health benefits, as well as the taste. All four of the Lapdogs love pumpkin - and Mom loves the benefits - so I'm always on the look-out for treats that contain it.

PawsGourmet_Zeus2 PawsGourmet_Sophie2

They actually loved these Pumpkin Oat Bones so much that on one of the hottest days of the year so far, they each sat, posed for photos and did their best tricks to ensure receiving one... or two! Pumpkin Oat Bones are available in two size containers; 12oz and 2lb.

PawsGourmet_Zeus PawsGourmet_LolaTut2

Paws Gourmet expanded their original line with the purchase of Simon and Huey Soft Training Treats, which they now produce in 4 varities: Kickin' Chicken (oat flour, chicken stock, honey, canola oil, hickory, molasses and oregano), Liver Mesquite (oat flour, liver, honey, canola oil and natural mesquite flavoring), Peanut Butter Molasses (oat flour, peanut butter, molasses, honey and carob) and White Cheddar (oat flour, white cheddar, honey, canola oil and garlic).


The Soft Training Treats attracted plenty of attention from the Lapdogs as soon as the packages were open. They smell wonderful and are actually quite pleasant to handle, as opposed to some liver training treats we've tried in the past. I was delighted to find that they are not at all slimy and do not leave unpleasant smells on your hands as some do. They are small in size, making them great for training sessions, as well as for small pups and for elderly dogs or those who have sensitive teeth. As for the Lapdogs, they would prefer you toss them a handful. The four flavors of Soft Training Treats are all available in three different size packages, 6oz, 1lb and 3lb.

Paws Gourmet's mission statement is simple; "To manufacture superior human-grade gourmet dog treats. The discerning receive only the best." Perhaps they can add "To put a smile on the face of some Lapdogs..."



SissySees said...

Cute photos. We're on a VERY restrictive course again, so... SIGH. Nothing but kibble and fruit and veggies.

Dianne said...

Love that last photo of Sophie!!!

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