Tuesday, August 02, 2011

A Day at the Races

NASCAR was in town a couple weeks ago and because Matt's series raced on Sunday morning, we were in the infield all day (more photos from his race to come or hop on over to our Hooligan Motorsports website for lots of photos, race recaps, etc.).  We had planned to go out to our seats to watch the Cup race, but it was far too hot and we never made it to the seats.

While the NELCAR guys had their drivers meeting, one of my fellow Crew Chief ladies and I had fun touring pit road. I don't think the guys missed us too much... after all, we were back in the NELCAR pits in time to get them out for practice!

PitRoad_71711_Newman PitRoad_71711w_Edwards

PitRoad_71711m_Martin PitRoad_71711j_Harvick

Nic_StewartPit_71711 PitRoad_71711s_Stewart

PitRoad_71711b PitRoad_71711f_Biffle

NicJoni_RedBullPit_71711 PitRoad_71711v_Truex

Stewart-Haas Racing started on the front row... so awesome given that Ryan & Smoke are my two favorite drivers!  Some photos from the race...

Newman_71711b CupRace_71711b

CupRace_71711d CupRace_71711f

The view from behind Ryan Newman's pit stall...

CupRace_71711x CupRace_71711zc

CupRace_71711zq CupRace_71711zn

CupRace_71711zg_MartySnider CupRace_71711zi

It was one of those unbearably hot days ... so hot that I eventually went and sat in the truck with the AC on... watching the guys who were out of the race early leave.

CupRace_71711zy CupRace_71711zz

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SissySees said...

Neat photos! Sorry it was too hot to REALLY enjoy it though.

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