Tuesday, August 23, 2011

REVIEW: Sasha Kagan's Classic Collection

Sasha Kagan's Classic Collection
by Sasha Kagan
Hardcover: 160 pages
Publisher: Taunton Press (September 6, 2011)


The title speaks for itself - Sasha Kagan's Classic Collection is just that, a collection of her iconic designs spanning forty years.  The fascinating retrospective of her work is presented in a beautiful hardcover book that is sure to keep you oohing and aahing for hours on end.

Known for her innovative use of color, stunning intarsia design work and striking patterns, Sasha's designs have transcended fashion trends and become classic pieces in their own right.

Sasha Kagan's Classic Collection spans from 1969 - 2009 and includes five patterns to represent each decade.  In addition to the patterns, swatches, magazine articles and photographs are included to help recreate the original design concept.  The patterns have all been updated and reworked in contemporary yarns, making it easy for you to recreate the sweaters, wraps and jackets at home today.

My personal favorites include...
  • Silver Birch Scarf (1969 - 1979)
  • Bavarian Flower Beanie and Fingerless Gloves (1980 - 1989)
  • Tulip Pepium Jacket (1990 - 1999)
  • Carinthia Tunic (2000 - 2009)
If you are a fan of color work, add a copy of Sasha Kagan's Classic Collection to your knitting library today!

About the Author: Sasha Kagan, an internationally known knitwear designer, trained as a painter at Exeter College of Art and studied at the Royal College of Art. Sasha gives workshops and lectures in the UK, US, Japan and Australia.  She designs for many magazines and has previously published six books of her designs, including Knitwear. Sasha lives in the UK.

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SissySees said...

I'll have to look on Ravelry... the name is familiar and I bet I have some of her designs in one list or another!

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