Friday, March 09, 2012

Puppy Dog Tails, a LYS and Irish Yarn

Happy Friday!  It's all blue skies and wagging tails in Lapdog country today.  Although it's supposed to be quite a bit cooler than it was the past couple of days.  We're preparing for the arrival of our next houseguest, Sake.  She's part of the "beverage litter" and we were actually schedule to foster her sister Sky, however she and brother Whiskey were adopted this week. 

Speaking of foster babies, I'm slowly getting through photos and wanted to share some more of sweet little baby Addison, or Addie as we started calling her.  It worked out well, especially when I found out her forever Mom was already planning on using the name Addie. 

Addison_21312 Addison_21312b

If you recall, the little girl was already adopted when she came to crash at our house for 5 days until her family could pick her up.  That was probably a good thing, because she sure was a cuddlebug!  And look at those little feet.... squeeeeeeee

Addison_21112j Addison_21412d

Addie was not shy at all and made friends with all of the Lapdogs.  I adore this first shot of her and Tut...

Tut_Addison_21112d Tut_Addison_21112g

Addie always seemed to have to keep a paw on Sophie when they napped.  I don't know if it was a security thing or not, but it sure was cute!

Sophie_Addison_21512c Sophie_Addison_21312e

Little Addie was constantly trying to get big foster brother Zeus to play with her.

Zeus_Addison_21412b Nic_ZeusAddision_21212

Lazy Mama Lola was caught snoozing with little Addie alot, but my favorite moment was when I caught all 3 girls in a pig-pile snooze fest!

Lola_Addison_21412d LolaSophie_Addison_21212b

It was a pleasure to have Addie here with us for a short time until her forever Mom could pick her up.  Here's a few more cute shots that I just have to share...

TutSophie_Addison_21512d Addison_21112c

Sophie_Addison_21212 LolaSophie_Addison_21212

Here's a shot of Addie in the car on the way to meet her forever Mom.  I always send our fosters home with something from their stay with us (she took her favorite chew bone), but boy was I surprised when Addie's Mom showed up with a beautiful bouquet of flowers for me!  It was so touching and very special...

Addison_21512d Flowers_Addie_21512c

Addie's Mom has kept us up to date on her progress and has been sending photos (I'll share some in an upcoming foster update).  The little tyke is doing very well and has already grown a bunch!  She has 2 human siblings at home that she loves to entertain as well.

Now that you've all got your puppy fix for today, guess what?  I actually have something for Fiber Arts Friday two weeks in a row!  No, not another FO (not yet anyway), but a little LYS visit.  While I had purchased goodies from the wonderful ladies at The Elegant Ewe several times before at various fiber festivals and events, I had yet to actually visit the store... until Monday.  You see, I had a job interview and was pleasantly surprised when I realized the company was was just down the road from a yarn shop!  If I were to land that job, I'd definitely have a lunch time perk, don't ya think?
EE_3512 EnoughRuffles

Of course I had to shop, although just a little bit since I'm on a very frugal unemployed budget these days.  After fondling all the yarn perusing the shop for awhile, I kept going back to the Just Enough Ruffles Scarf pattern and picked up some Malabrigo Rios to treat myself.  Shhh... don't tell Matt!  Although, I'm sure you all will stand up for me and remind him how much self control I had to walk away with a single pattern and two hanks of yarn... right? 

While I was winding up the yarn earlier today, I also wound up this gorgeous handspun, hand dyed pale faced Leicester.  Tut thought it was pretty irresistible too.

IrelandHandspun Tut_yarn_3912

This little pit of purple heaven was a gift from the inlaws when they traveled to Ireland last fall (it's from Spin A Yarn and is marked from sheep of Johnstown co. Dublin).  They brought back a Guinness bottle opener for Matt and I got yarn (Mom-Sue is good like that!).  I've been eyeing it for months now, looking for just the right project... but so far I'm stumped.  It's thick and thin, so I'm thinking either a scarf or cowl, but there's no yardage on the label.  Any pattern or project ideas out there?

Enjoy your weekend... and don't forget to enter my contest to win a $25 gift certificate from Calico Dragon Bags if you haven't already!  I know you sure could use a new bag for spring after all...


Sue said...

OH, she is so adorable! How thoughtful of her new Mom to send lots of pics.

HH and The Boys said...

You have a great weekend too. I love that purple yarn...

pawhugs, Max

Spinster Beth said...

Those were the most adorable doggie pictures ... thanks!

SissySees said...

Love the freckled feet...

Very pretty yarns. I don't have any great ideas, but good luck.

WonderWhyGal said...

Aw, she is the cutest and I'm glad that she has a good home.

Your scarf project looks like it will be beautiful and I love the yarn in the last photos.

Unknown said...

The purple is beautiful... hope you figure out a project for it soon.

Kathy R said...

I hope you hear positive things from your job interview!

As a person who had a job close enough to a yarn store for lunchtime visits, let me tell you it can be dangerous! You must have willpower!

Alas! I no longer work there and the store has closed. Sure was fun while it lasted though.

Marjie said...

A job next door to a yarn shop? What's not to love. Glad Addie's doing well in her new home, and her mom's flowers were just the most thoughtful gift ever.

Happy Monday.

Bubblesknits said...

Awww....I love all the pics of them cuddling together. Glad she found her forever home so quickly.

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