Friday, March 02, 2012

Snow, FO's and a Forever Home!

TGIF!  Well, Mother Nature certainly shook up her snow globe and it finally looks a lot like winter out there. 

Snow_3212c Snow_3212

The kids were all happy to explore the snow-blown front yard this morning...

Zeus_SNOW_3212 Lola_SNOW_3212

Tut_SNOW_3212 Sophie_SNOW_3212

However, as it began falling on Wednesday, Maverick was not at all amused.

Let me OUT of this Snowglobe!
It was Mavie's first taste of snow and he spent most of the time looking like he wanted to kill someone trying to wipe it off his face with his tiny little paws. 

Mav_SNOW_22912d Mav_SNOW_22912b

I'm planning take him outside this afternoon and try to show him that snow can be fun... but I'm not sure he'll agree.  Right now he's curled up in a tiny little ball, sleeping on my lap as I try to type around him (yes, this post is taking a long time to write).  What Mavie doesn't know yet is that he's going to meet his forever family tomorrow!  Yes, it's a bittersweet day here in the Lapdog household, as tonight is Maverick's last night with us.  He will be going to live with a wonderful family in Connecticut and will have a 3 year old mini dachshund brother named Zac and 3 teenaged human siblings.  And get this - he and Zac share the same birthday!  I'm very excited for Mavie and know that he will love his new life in Connecticut!

Well, it's Fiber Arts Friday and guess who actually has some fibery content to share?  If you caught Wednesday's post, you'll notice I recently acquired a Styrofoam head form to photograph hats on.  Here are the results with last week's FO...

SWSspiralHat_212 SWSspiralHat_212b

Since becoming unemployed, I've decided to stop neglecting beef up my etsy shop a little.  This is a teenager/women's wool hat that I've listed for sale.

SWSspiralHat_212d SWSspiralHat_212c

A couple of baby hats, which were actually left over from the last craft fair I did...

YellowBabyHat Multi_BabyHatB

This was my favorite... it sold last week.
Have you listed anything in your etsy shop lately?  How are your sales going?  I'll admit I had only been using etsy to shop for gifts lately and my sales had pretty much come to a halt, as I hadn't listed anything new in close to a year.  In addition to the hand knits, I do have some new stitch markers to list as soon as I get my lap back from Maverick get a chance to photograph them.  Hopefully you'll take a look if you're in need... and share your shop with me if you haven't already!  With this economy and our love of handmade things, it's time to get the focus back to supporting our crafty circle of friends!


SissySees said...

Sweet baby hats! So glad Mav has a great home to meet tomorrow. Thanks for being such a great foster!

Golden Daily Scoop said...

LOVE the hats, so beautiful! Sales have been pretty steady for me, but this week has been slow. Best of love to Mav, what a cutie!!

Marjie said...

I'm so glad Maverick has people to love him forever! At least in CT he'll suffer from a little less snow!

Spinster Beth said...

I like the one with the metallic colors ... very nice!

Dawn said...

It's gotta be so hard to foster fur babies. I could never let them go. Hugs

WonderWhyGal said...

I love that first hat you show. They are all sassy but that one really catches my eye. Aw, that puppy is too cute.

Bubblesknits said...

Awww....Maverick is precious! That pitiful face looking through the gate...that would melt me right there. lol

Gorgeous hats, btw!

Unknown said...

Oh cute little Mav... sounds like he's had a wonderful start in life.

The hats are beautiful. I think the first set of photos are my favorite.

Sue said...

What a cute little pup.

I love the soft blues and lavendars in the hats. It must have been nice to work with those pretty yarns.

It's 70 here, so winter won't hang around too much longer up there in the frozen north.

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