Thursday, March 28, 2013

Cross the Paws (again), please?

Happy Thankful Thursday and almost-TGIF!  Just two weeks ago I was extremely thankful for Lola's great check up with Dr. C and today I'm nervously fretting over our visit with her tonight. 


Late last week, I discovered a lump on the side of Lola's chest and was really hoping it was just be one of those fatty tumors (non-cancerous), which she's had before (and big brother Zeus is full of).  Then, my optimism was dashed when another lump appeared in the past couple days.  Sigh....

The super high dose of prednisone we started with in January sure wiped those sterile granuloma/pyogranuloma syndrome lumps out fast... and we were pleasantly surprised.  Then, Lola began showing bad side effects from the high doses and we decreased it twice already.  The plan was to keep her on the current dose (10mg, twice a day) until mid-April or longer, but now I fear we may be looking at increasing the dose and that is not a good thing.

I'm waiting to talk with Dr C tonight to see what she suggests, however I'm also leaning towards taking my baby girl to visit a holistic vet who comes highly recommended from a dear friend.  This vet has done wonders for 3 of her dogs; 1 with cancer, 1 with cancer and an autoimmune issue and 1 with allergies (we might even have to get the hooey hounds over there for the allergies).  Of course, I want to discuss that all with our awesome Dr C tonight and see what her thoughts are.  Anyone out there have experience with holistic treatment?  Thoughts?

In looking back at my post two weeks ago, I realized I never updated Zeus' liver level status.  The blood work came back and they were up again, however Dr C wasn't too concerned. 


His levels seem to be bouncing up and down in a range that, while elevated, Dr C is still comfortable with... although I'd much prefer to see them stay down.  But hey, if she's good with it and Zeus continues to act like a big, over grown puppy, I'm good with it too.   

Can we ask everyone to please cross those paws for Lola again today?   


Unknown said...

Paws are tightly crossed and we really hope there is nothing to worry about. Please let us know.
Positive vibes and best wishes Molly.

Marjie said...

Good wishes flying out to Lola - and hope for Zeus to remain healthy and happy, too!

coffeedog said...

paws tightly crossed for your precious furbabies.
wags, bailey

Flea said...

Paws crossed!!!

GOOSE said...

My paws are crossed.

Golden Woofs! SUGAR said...

Woof! Woof! Crossing my Golden PAWS. Golden Love. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

SissySees said...

Crossed paws for Lola! Glad Zeus's labwork wasn't a cause for alarm.

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