Monday, July 07, 2014

Monday Mischief: It's All About Lola

Monday already?  The humans had a great 4-day weekend and found it a little difficult to get back to the daily grind today.

In case you missed it, Miss Lola turned 12 on the 4th (shhh... she still thinks all the fuss is all about her, although she could do without those noisy BOOMS in the sky).

Happy Birthday Baby Girl! #dobermanmix #instadog #dobiemix #birthday #thebarkery #cake #dogstagram #seniordog #ilovemyseniordog #ilovemydogs #happydog

Our 4th was quite rainy (translation: it rained all day long), but that didn't stop our little cake photo shoot on the deck.  I probably have better shots on my real camera, but it is Monday and I haven't had time to download those yet.


Lola's 12th cake came from the same bakery in Massachusetts that I got Zeus' 13th from earlier this year. They do a great job and the dogs love them.  Miss Lola's was peanut butter banana with bright pink yogurt and carob frosting.  

IMG_20140704_193107_206 IMG_20140704_193036_946

Everyone loved the cake... Sophie probably loved Lola's birthday toy more than she did (all of those pics are on the real camera - oops).  They even have one more dessert left of cake (this size gives us about 3 servings for each dog)!

The rain finally stopped on Saturday, which meant we got to celebrate the 4th on the 5th... on the island (aka my hometown). And, since this whole 4th of July thing is all for Lola, she is usually the one who gets to go to her Grammy & Grampy's cook out.

The birthday girl and her #fourthofjuly being #dogstagram #instadog #dobermanmix #redwhiteblue #happydog #seniordog #ilovemyseniordog

My girl sure knows how to ham it up, doesn't she?  Her Grammy made a bunch of these red, white and blue scarves for all of the ladies who came to the cook out (no, I didn't get a picture... another big oops - must be better at taking pictures of the humans). Of course, Miss Lola received her very own.

2014-07-06_01-18-38 2014-07-06_01-19-36

She rocked it quite nicely, don't ya think?


Marjie said...

Lola looks fabulous in her birthday scarf! And her cake is adorable. Your bakery rocks.

It rained like there was no tomorrow here on Thursday and Friday (and our generator saved us for a couple of hours each day). The paper said we got 1/2" total, but the bucket on my back patio says we got 4". I saw the rain. I believe the bucket.

Unknown said...

That is a beautiful cake. Happy birthday, Lola,,

Sheltie Times said...

Nasty rain on the 4th here too.

Unknown said...

Wow!!! Look at that cake!!! How cool is that?! Love it! Happy Birthday!!!
ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

Rascal and Rocco said...

Happy birthday! What an awesome cake! Thanks for sharing on the Pet Parade

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