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Review & Coupon Code: PupBox

Disclosure: PupBox sent a single month subscription box to Lapdog Creations, free of charge for review purposes. I was not compensated for this review and all opinions expressed are my own.


Where to Find: PupBox


Is it just me, or does it seem like a new dog-related monthly subscription box service enters the market every month?  Although there are many choices, one problem still remains... a one-size-fits-all box of toys and treats is not suitable for all dogs.

2015-06-24_09-10-18While some of these services are beginning to realize that not all dogs were created equal -- there are tough chewers, sensitive stomachs, ball chasers, pint sized pooches, etc.-- and are now offering more choices, there is still a lack of options based on the age of your dog. Especially when it comes to puppies...

Enter PupBox, a monthly development box curated just for growing puppies!  With a brand new puppy in our lives, you bet I was extremely interested in learning more about this one.
"We created the company to try and make life easier for new puppy parents like us."
- Ben Zvaifler, PupBox Co-founder

2015-06-24_09-03-26PupBox was founded in 2014 by a husband and wife team who, as new pet parents, found it very difficult to locate appropriate toys and treats for their puppy. They also found all of the training and development information they researched online to be conflicting, and simply, more confusing then helpful.

Each month, "pupscribers" (love that!) receive a box of premium products, as well as training and development information.  As any puppy parent knows, your pup grows faster than a weed in it's first year... which is why PupBox was designed to grow with your pup.  Not only have the products and training information been customized based on the age and developmental stage of puppies, but everything has been specifically selected to help new puppy parents raise healthy, happy, well adjusted dogs!

The first thing I noticed upon visiting the PupBox website was how eye-catching and colorful it is.  In short, the site looks fun and inviting, and screams kid-friendly... or in this case, puppy-friendly. It certainly grabs your attention and makes you want to learn more.

The next thing I noticed was the "How it Works" section which, thanks to some great marketing, immediately hooked me as I had to learn more about "Bark - Play - Grow."

BARK - this is where you get to brag tell PupBox all about your puppy
  • Fill out the detailed survey, including your pup's name, date of birth, coat type, target adult weight and living environment. There is also a spot for you to give a little more detail, such as your pup's current weight, the type of toys he or she likes, treat preferences, etc.
  • Upload a photo of your pup (optional)
  • Choose a subscription plan:
    • 1 month - $39 per month
    • 3 months - $34 per month
    • 6 months - $29 per month
    • 12 months - $25 per month
PLAY - this is what it's all about, of course!
  • Each monthly box consists of 5-7 toys, treats and accessories, plus training information
  • All boxes will include 1 bag of training treats (anyone else going thru these like water these days?), plus 4-6 additional products based on the age and physical characteristics of your puppy.
  • An educational insert is included each month, which acts as a development guide to help walk you through the changes going on with your puppy.  All training and development information has been approved by celebrity puppy trainer Andrea Arden.
GROW - as the Mom of one of those growing-faster-than-a-weed pups, this is what really sold me
  • As your pup ages, the products and information will change each month based on his/her changing needs.  This is not a one-size-fits-all puppy box!


Last month, Penny received a 3-month old puppy box for our review.  Inside we found the following items:
  • Merrick Power Bites Real Pork Recipe
    • These tiny little star-shaped treats are all natural, Made in The USA and something that we had actually already been using for Penny's training.  Tut is rather partial to them as well and responds quite nicely when you say "Penny. Come." - now if I could just get him to respond when you said his name. 
  • Farm Pulleez Frog from Charming Pet
    • 2015-06-26_08-23-20
    • Charming Pet is a new company to us, and like most, their toys are made in China. 
    • Pulleez toys feature multiple squeakers and really cool "pull-through" arms. 
    • Penny thought the frog was pretty cool, but sadly he required some stitching repairs after just an hour of play.  And after the minor repair was made, he ended up acquiring two more open wounds that I have yet to sew up.  I am pretty disappointed, however I specifically purchase squeaky/plush toys made for tough chewers.
  • Latex Balloons Elephant from Charming Pet
    • While I would prefer to see two toys from two different companies in a single box, they are quite different from one another.
    • Latex Balloons toys are made of all-natural premium latex and are quite squishy.
    • Sadly, this toy didn't last longer than a few hours either before Mr. Elephant lost his nose and trunk. 
  • Gummy Bone from Ruff Dawg
    • This was another new to us brand and I am happy to see, they are Made in the USA. 
    • The bones are durable chews that are gentle on teeth and gums, therefore recommended for puppies and seniors.
    • Sadly, Penny has not shown any interest in this bone.
  • Train & Play Tote from Spotty
    • I have used a couple of other treat bags in the past, but must say this one just might be my favorite yet.
    • Instead of a typical draw-string closure, this one features a magnetic snap closure, making for an easy one-handed opening!  It also has a zippered pocket on the back, which allows you to stuff your ID or a few dollars inside for easy access.
    • It has both a belt loop and clip, making the choice of how you wear it completely up to you (I use the easy clip).
    • The bag has a 2-cup capacity, ensuring you won't run out of treats at puppy class....unless you were a bad Mom and forgot to refill it from last time.
  • Shout Pets Stain and Odor Remover
    • We generally purchase another brand of stain remover, but the Shout works wonderfully as well.
  • American Flag bandana
  • Bark B-Q gravy packet sample
  • 3-Month Training guide
2015-06-24_09-05-19 2015-06-24_09-04-32

After receiving the 3-month old box for review, I was impressed enough with the concept and customer service to sign Penny up for a 3 month subscription.  I'm hoping to see some tougher toys, as well as hoping to be introduced to several other new-to-us brands.  If that is not the case, I will most likely not renew.  Of course, Penny just can't wait to see what the mailman brings! 

The sign-up process, aka Bark, was very easy, and took just a few minutes to complete.  Do take note that subscriptions are set to renew automatically, so if you want to opt out or change the length, be sure to pay attention to the date your account is set to renew. 

2015-06-24_08-08-36 2015-06-24_08-23-03

As you might guess, Teutul and Sophie were both quite interested in the box of goodies also.  For our fellow multi-dog households, I wanted to note that PupBox also offers monthly boxes for older dogs.  While they are not age specific, the boxes can be customized in all the other ways a traditional puppy box is. 

Additionally, if you receive something in your monthly box that you love so much you need another, the PupShop offers all products from last month's subscription boxes for sale individually.

Penny wants to know if you are ready to turn your beloved furbaby into a pupscriber, or perhaps give the gift of PupBox to a dear friend? Click here to get started and use coupon code Lapdog10 for 10% off your first order


    Unknown said...

    That's a very honest review! Nicely done. We get a competitor product here, and my pups love to see the mailman coming. They're convinced that everything is for them! But one thing I like is the exposure to new companies. I like finding out about treats I hadn't heard of before, and the toys I get that aren't right for my pets head to my local animal shelter, so they don't go to waste. I'm a fan of the concept, for sure.

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

    Sue said...

    Too bad they sent two toys from the same company. It's nice to test out various brands and how well they hold up.

    Groovy Goldendoodles said...

    PupBox is really my favorite right now. Jax seems to enjoy everything and what he's not interested in, he leaves for Harley LOL How's Penny doing?

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