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REVIEW: Huggle Hounds Water Toys

Disclosure: Huggle Hounds sent two toys to Lapdog Creations, free of charge for review purposes. I was not compensated for this review and all opinions expressed are my own.

Huggle Hounds Water Toys

Where to Find: Huggle Hounds

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High quality toys made for tough chewers are a must in our multi-dog household.  Huggle Hounds is one of our favorite brands for durable toys, and their innovative Tuffut Technology has truly stood the test of time.  No exaggeration - we have some Huggle Hounds toys in our house that are more than 5 years old!  So, when we heard the company came out with a new line of water toys, we knew we had to try them!

Huggle Hounds Rugged Canvas Flyers are made for playing in the water... but they work just as well on land, which is where we Lapdog-tested them.  (Okay, so technically we tested them in a kiddie doggie pool, on land...)


The 100% cotton discs are perfect for tugging, tossing, and retrieving.  They even squeak, but best of all, they float! While we have not had a chance to test them out in a big body of water yet, the Lapdogs certainly enjoyed playing with them on the porch and in our little doggie pool. They especially enjoyed the inventive new game Mama made up... "snatch the treats" as they float by. (Okay, so "inventive" is a stretch, but hey, It kept them busy for quite awhile!)

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Although we haven't headed to the lake or ocean with ours yet, Huggle Hounds does state that Rugged Canvas Flyers have been "lab" tested in both salt and bay water.  So, whether your pup enjoys a dip in the Atlantic or a swim up stream, these squeaky, flying discs are sure to be a hit! 

After our little fun and games, I left the flyers out on our deck to dry.  By the time the sun went down, they were almost completely dry - a lot faster than I had expected given their size and "poofiness."

The Lapdogs sure had a blast with the brightly colored floating discs. While we received two that look exactly alike, they are available in several different colored stripe combinations, as well as with either a center hole (like ours) or an off-center hole.  While I wish we had received two different styles to show you, the Lapdogs sure didn't mind.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this review, we love Huggle Hounds because of how well their toys hold up.  I'm happy to report that there is truth in the name Rugged Canvas Flyers.  They stood up to sharp, pointy puppy teeth with ease!  I would best compare the material to that of an LL Bean boat bag - durable, can stand to get wet, dries quickly, and, hopefully, lasts forever.

Thank you to the folks at Huggle Hounds for treating both the Lapdogs and their Mama on this review! In addition to the flyers, they also sent this adorable tote bag. It features the Huggle Hounds logo on one side and an adorable photo of our their pup Chowder snuggling a toy on the other.  It's a perfect catch-all for my summer necessities - dog toys, treats, water bottle, magazines and knitting!

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If your pup enjoys time in the pool or at the beach/lake, Rugged Canvas Flyers are a must have!  Scoop one up now, or better yet, grab two... they make great gifts!


Sue said...

Oh yes, we need some of those for trips to the lake.

Talent Hounds said...

Ooh we will have to get one for Kilo the Pug. Your pool is so nice. Kilo has a little tub pool he is starting to like (he was not a big fan of water but it has been really hot)

Marjie said...

Man! Look how big Penny is getting already! I hope they are enjoying their pool, with those fancy new toys.

M. K. Clinton said...

Those look like a lot of fun!

Angry Girl Fitness said...

I will definitely be checking those out. Mine have been through some canvas toys and yet a few of them lasted quite a while. Good review!

tubby3pug said...

Bob might like these he is the only one who will go in the baby pool
retro rover

Unknown said...

Those look like great fun to have in the water
Muffin x

Rascal and Rocco said...

They all have the cutest floppy ears! Am I supposed to notice what they're looking at? Can't stop admiring those adorable ears.

Portraits-by-NC said...

LOL - I love how they all check out that new toy! Wishing you a great Friday.

Enzie from Portraits-by-Nc.com

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