Thursday, April 10, 2008

Go Orange!


Happy ASPCA Day (which just so happens to nicely fall on Dogs on Thursday)! If you're not quite sure how to celebrate, here is a list of 10 easy ways. Of course, I hope you will also enter my contest! There are several (and easy!) ways to enter and some wonderful prizes to be claimed, thanks to many of my amazing crafty pals! You have until April 25 to enter.

Before I get in to the usual doggy photos for today, I wanted to show you what I found this morning... my crocuses have finally opened up! Yesterday and today feel like spring... yeah! (even if I now have the sinus pressure, sneezy, headachey spring...) They are calling for the temps to drop again and showers all weekend... one weather idiot guy even mentioned that S word...

Back to the dogs... I unearthed some of their toys from the black hole underneath the couch the other day and found
Mr. Sheepie. I don't think Sophie had met Mr. Sheepie before (that tells you how long he's been in the black hole, huh?), however she's really taken a shining to him. He's her new favorite buddy and has been carrying him all around the house with her. The girl's got good fiberly taste, no?


With my contest post last Thursday, I left you all hanging without the usual 1001 doggy pics, so here's a little catch up ... enjoy the rest of your day!

I'm still working on getting that perfect 4 doggy shot (why was 3 so much easier?) {as always, links have more pics}

Sophie being uncooperative...


Sophie doing her best Elvis Snarl...


Sophie's gone again (do you sense a theme here... now I know why 3 was easier!)


We've been attacked had plenty of birdie watching (and chasing) going on in the past couple weeks.

Birds 32508b Birds 32508

The pesky creatures sure held Tut's undivided attention and he got that "nose to the camera" thing going on again...

Tut_birdwatching_32508 Tutcloseup_32508b

Zeus waking up from a nap... "did someone say BIRDIES??!!"


Speaking of napping... Lola & Sophie, still showing that sisterly love is the best (and should not be disturbed!).



Kenyetta was who I got to spoil in the DOT Spring Swap and I'm happy to see that the basket arrived in one piece and that she, Diamond & Snoop enjoyed it all. I had so much fun putting this swap package together and can't wait for another doggy swap!

On a sad note, please hop on over and send Mary some good vibes. She's had a terrible week with loosing both Storm and Electra. {{{hugs}}}


Cindy said...

You always have such terrific shots of your babies and Sophie is being raised properly. You are a good mommie.

Mindy said...

Hi Nichole,

maybe I'm having a blonde moment this morning (okay, when I was a kid I had blonde hair so that still counts), but I went to your contest page and I can't find the spot to click on so I can comment there. Where is it? And, I already made a donation to the ASPCA today before I read about your contest... so I will have to see what other stuff I can do to "go orange."

vegasangelbrat said...

I'm making my
Oh you did good getting the 4 in the one shot! Great pic's of the gang!
Thanks for all the hugs and stuff :) I've decided to stay busy and work on keeping Lady busy too..she's just moping too much and I bet its the quetness bugging her too!
Hope the ocntest goes well, Happy Dogs Day to you all!!

Sonya said...

Found toys are the best kind!

Paula said...

I Love the 4 in 1 dog shot!
I can't seem to get all our pets in one picture!
Cats are just not as cooperative as dogs I guess.

Thank you so much for all you do for dogs!!! People like you make the world a better place for them.
love the contest you are having.
Okay, Elise and I went orange today during our work travels and we were able to tell others why she was wearing orange. It was fun.

Elise and I are also on our way to make our donation, I tried early this morning before work and I couldn't get the donate button to come up. So I am going to try again.

Kenyetta said...

I love the all the photo! we went orange today

Paula said...

The ASPCA donate button just let
Elise and I make a $25. donation for your cause.
Hope it helps you reach your goal.

Anonymous said...

So, you finally got all four of them on one photo. Good job.

Mr. Sheepie is too cute to be a dog toy. He'd be ripped up at our house.

I added something about the ASPCA today.

Knitting it Out in an Urban Zoo said...

I also couldn't find the comment spot on the contest post. I will post and donate to the ASPCA (good things to do anyway). Your dogs are amazing. They look like a lot of fun.

Dianne said...

Those pics of Sophie and Lola are heartwarming! So very sweet!

Anonymous said...

Too cute! Sophie is such a doll herself... She and her new friend are just darling!

wildflower38 said...

Sophie and Lola are adorable!

Criquette said...

Thanks Nichole, for having this contest for such a worthy cause. Even without the possibility of winning prizes, I'm doing the following: (1) fostering 3 adorable puppies for my local low-kill shelter, Animal Haven, (2) I've made 4 snuggles for Animal Haven that are posted on my blog and on the DOT snuggles Project blog, (3) I've posted about your contest on my blog, (4) I'm donating some Trekking yarn. Thanks again!

dogquilter said...

It's the same way with kids when you have more than one. Cute pics and Tut is just too funny!!

gypsyknits said...

What cute dog pictures. They look so cooperative in the pics. How do you do this? I can't get mine to sit still for a minute let alone to get their pic taken together.
You and your pups are lucky to have each other:)

Anonymous said...

I think Sophie is singing -- Hound Dog!! What sweet faces!

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