Friday, April 27, 2007

FO's, Photos and ... wet doggies??!!

TGIF! It's another one of those icky, rainy days here in New Hampshire and luckily for you locals, I remembered to down load the photos from last weekend. I give you... beautiful, vibrant crocuses from in front of the house (keeping in mind my DO. NOT. WEED. philosophy).


Aren't they lovely? Too bad they only look like this for a day don't last or look so vibrant for long. And, its too bad they aren't self weeding. Now that would be some flowers well worth the money, no?

I took that pic last Saturday while Matt was at the track for the first practice day of the season. Know what I else I did while he was playing with go-karts? This...


That folks is 3 clean, fluffy and pretty smelling doggies! It's a real pain in the arse a bit of a challenge to get all 3 in and out of the tub by myself, especially since the 2 boys have perfected their dead-weight dog stances. On the other hand, Lola will hop right on in if you tell her to (getting in yourself helps if extra persuasion is needed) ... good doggy... I raised my little girl well!). Of course, after the bath, she gets out, promptly shakes to ensure Mommy gets an unwanted bath too and then tears around the house rubbing up against everything, leaving a trail of wet paw prints all over the rugs, which you can see below.


Teutul on the other hand, acts like he's going to die in the tub. He ends up spending half the time in a more rigid stance than a Buckingham Palace guard and the other half flailing around like a fish out of water. Then he gets out and does that shake thing and takes off as I'm trying to chase him down with a towel. After successfully getting everything in the living room wet that big sister didn't, I get this look.


Now Zeus... he used to hop on in the tub like the girl does. Yea, not so much anymore. Do you know what trying to lift a 125 pound dog in his dead-weight position is like? Yea, not so much fun. I have to resort to tricking him in by getting a half lifting, half pushing thing kind of going when he's least expecting it. Once he's in, he's fine... and of course upon getting out, does that shake thing, then rolls around on the couches and dog beds to make sure everything is wet. Then he looks all pleased with himself, like this.


So after they dried off some, I did some brushing and started saving fur for what I hope to have spun in to yarn somewhere down the line. It'll be a little while before I have enough saved up, as I'm trying to do all 3 dogs separately (my plan is to knit up keepsake pillows from each one's fur). Lola and Tut's bags are both nearly empty at this point, but Zeus gets really fluffy after a bath and when you brush him, plenty comes off! I have quite a nice stash of his fur going already. If anyone out there has had their pet's fur spun, let me know where/how/what... would love to hear other stories and get advice!

So besides non-stinky dogs this week, I also have 2 FO's for FO Friday! First up is what was supposed to be a capelet for moi, made in Poems Wisdom wool. The pattern I found in the 365 page-a-day calendar called for Noro, but I thought I'd substitute this great yarn I bought at A Knitter's Garden. I also made changes in the needle size and number of stitches, but evidentally didn't use as many stitches as I should have because it came out too narrow. It "fits" but looks ridiculous and doesn't hang right. Here it is, although I haven't woven in the ends yet.


Any suggestions? I'm thinking perhaps it might make an ok size poncho for a child. I also thought of maybe sewing up the wider end and trying to make some sort of bag out of it. I do have another skein of yarn left. Thoughts & suggestions muchly appreciated...

My other FO for today is my Misti Chunky Ribs & Ruffles scarf, which I finished last night while watching Ugly Betty. I heart this scarf... and the yarn, oh my... it is so soft and luxurious that I want to make myself a big 'ole blanket out of this stuff! I used the rose/gray moulinette colorway which is beautiful. I also have a skein of the charcoal/denim moulinette in my stash and am thinking about a second scarf unless I can think of something better.


I was looking thru the Misti International site to get those links and happened upon this jacket , which looks like a possibility somewhere down the road.

In other news, we're picking up a new foster tomorrow! Trixie is a pomerian/pekignese mix who looks like a total sweetheart. Heather is getting her first ever foster, Bingy and my wonderful friend Tanya is going to foster 2 of the most adorable puppies I have every seen in my life, sisters Ivy and Ivory. Are they not the cutest little things? I wish we could foster puppies, but they are a bit more time consuming than the older dogs. Tanya is not working at the moment per say, but is in the process of opening her own grooming business in Lowell, MA and therefore has a little more time to be around during the day with them right now. Speaking of which, anyone in the area with dogs & cats, speak up... I'll get you on the mailing list for Grand Opening specials (yes, I've been recruited in her marketing department)!

In prepartion for Trixie's arrival, I went to Pet Smart yesterday and stocked up on some treats, got her some smaller things and a couple toys. I happened upon this cute sheep thing that is part tennis ball, part stuffed toy and couldn't resist. Here he is sticking out of Tetul's mouth...


Tut tore around the house with him for a couple hours, with the other dogs not getting much time to check him out. By the time Tut got bored, Lola was too pooped to get it and kept giving me the "hey, can you push that over near my mouth so I don't have to get up and get it?" look...


Yes, we have lazy dogs....

The only other news I have is that Joanne announced her next sale at A Knitter's Garden will be Saturday, May 19th ~ so make sure you mark your calendars! And, I received my confirmation postcard from the Granite State Knit-In registration today and I got both of my first choices for classes! I'm going to be taking the 2 hour "Finishing With a Difference" and the 1 hour "Knitted Beaded Earrings" classes. Can't wait!


Criquette said...

Your doggies take baths the way mine do - protesting all the way until they're rinsed off. Then, shaking and running and rolling around with the BIGGEST grins on their silly faces! We're all happy by the time it's over. I love your scarf. Alpaca is sooo much fun to knit with.

NH Knitting Mama said...

I don't have any suggestions for your FO that didn't work out except to say frog if you don't like how it looks on you. The yarn is beautiful! Maybe post a pic of it on and we can make the decision?

The scarf is great. I love the ends.

Pups are sweet as usual!

BTW, thanks again for the GSKI info, I appreciate it. Maybe next year for me! What classes are you taking?

Anonymous said...

OMG - the dog's are, indeed, some of the cutest I've ever seen. Hunch: Heather will be keeping Bingy. If I didn't have a house full of people, cats, and a dog who would kill me, I'd speak for him myself. Too cute.

The freshly bathed ones are awesome, too - just look at those shiny grins! Dog washes are popping up everywhere, here in Southern Maine, and it'd be a great idea for a new business in your neck of the woods, too!

Gorgeous FOs, and vey impressive productivity!

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm sounds like my best friends dog Dixie... all you have to say is BATH and she cowers whines and runs away. When my friend goes to pick her up to get her in the bathroom to go in the tub she makes herself as wide as she can so you have to wiggle your way through the door with dux going crazy. You have to bathe her one handed or she will escape. once shes out she wants nothing to do with the towel.. she prefers to rub over everything in sight! And that haha payback look, yes she does that too. She cowered away from my friend the last time she got a bath for the remander of the night. Next day i took a shower and she hid under the bed... Beth

Kare said...

hahaha! I think I can smell the pretty dogs from here. They look so happy. You are a brave woman!
Can't wait to see the new foster dog.
Your yarn things look great. I think that would be a wonderful child's poncho. How you find the time to knit is beyond me. Also, any hints on knitting without 4 legged creatures taking the yarn would be appreciated.
(Sadie got a bath tonight. She found a mud puddle and slid into it head first. over and over. I honestly didn't know her tail was supposed to be kind of fluffy.)

Sonya said...

My mom's little dog used to grab the door jam with his claws while being carried through the door.
I still have a few free bath coupons from Feeder's Supply so I have not had to do the bath tub thing. LOVE the scarf!

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