Wednesday, April 02, 2008

We're Not in Kansas Anymore!

No Toto, we're not! {side note: In doing a quick google search for a cute photo, I found this. Good golly, Toto has an autobiography!!! If any of my swap spoilers are reading this... yes, I need it.} Anyway, I nearly got blown away this morning walking in from the car. We've been under high wind advisories since last night and they are to continue thru this evening. However, I did see an actual sign of Spring this morning! I found some blooming (though not open yet) crocuses on the side of our stairs. Excuse the mess around them... those who know me know that I do not weed and apparently Matt never got around to raking the leaves from that area.

I'm happy to report its hump day
knitting night! I'm also happy to report that Clappy has outgrown its previous bag and I've had to stash it in a bigger tote (the one I received as my Loopy Groopy initiation package) and the KAL deadline has been extended to tax day! Will I make it? I think I can, I think I can...

Stay tunned for tomorrow's
Dogs on Thursday post which will be announcing a Lapdog Creations contest in conjunction with ASPCA Day! There will be several ways to enter, as well as several amazing prizes (many of which are being donated by my wonderful circle of crafty girls)... Don't miss it!

1 comment:

Criquette said...

I'm reading your weather reports with great interest because with the weather you're might as well be in Kansas! We're having the same kind of crap here. No wonder Toto headed out to the West Coast.

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