Monday, October 28, 2013

How to Furnish Your Home if You Have Pets

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How to Furnish Your Home if You Have Pets

People love to have pets in their homes. Furry friends are often man’s best friend and having a dog or a cat in the home can truly bring someone a lot of happiness. However, there is a downside that comes with pet ownership. Pet owners must already know that I’m referring to furniture!

Furnishing a home while keeping pets can be difficult because pets are often guilty of causing damage to expensive pieces of furniture like leather couches or Persian rugs.

There are some options for someone who keeps pets though, and they involve careful protective measures as well as some creative distractions for the pet. We’re going to go through some of the most common defence methods here in this article.

What material to buy?

Contrary to popular belief, leather is a great option for a house that has pets. Fur has a hard time sticking to leather so it is easy to clean. While leather can get scratched by a cat or big dog, this can be remedied by a few of the options well go through next. Leather couches also don’t retain animal dander the way a fabric based couch would, so it makes a lot more sense to go the leather route, even if it can be a bit pricier.

Protect the furniture

Often, the furniture is expensive and the owner worry about even smaller cosmetic damage like pet urine or vomit. To protect the furniture, purchase a sofa cover or chair cover and keep the furniture material safe underneath. This enables the material to last much longer as well as giving you a much easier time to clean it. When it comes time to wash the cover, just take it off and throw it into the machine and in a few hours your protection is as fresh as it was before. A simple tool like the sofa cover even provides a decent level of protection from cat claws and dirtier dogs. It is a great and cheap supplement in your defense against pet damage! At night when you cannot keep a close eye on your pets’ behavior, ensure that you have provided Dog Beds & Mats that will keep your pet happy and prevent potential damage to your furniture.  You can find some dog beds at Swallow Aquatics.

Distracting the pets

The pets can be well trained when it comes to their bodily functions and they should be. A dog that cannot hold its bladder has been poorly raised and will inevitably cause damage to furniture in the home because the owner was neglectful in training. Avoid this by making sure your pets are all taught at a young age to respect the house.

But of course, even good and well behaved pets can be messy or destructive when they play. Cats, for example, have an annoying habit of sharpening their claws everywhere. Distract those kitties with a scratching post or multiple posts throughout your home. Place them in the vicinity of the furniture so they are more likely to go to the post instead of the coach. Keep plenty of toys so that the pets don’t start using the furniture as an amusing and expensive (for you) way to stay entertained.

Pets can be handful and are often like small children in their innocence, and messiness. While they can be hard to handle, some of these steps can go a long way to protecting your home form the damage your pets can cause!

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Sue said...

We made the decision to switch to leather sofas after Tsar ate our other one. It was a great decision and wipes clean easily. Everyone loves it even me when I can move dogs enough to sit on it.

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