Tuesday, October 15, 2013

How I Spent My Long Weekend

I probably sound like a broken record, but I love fall.  It's my favorite time of year and I wouldn't want to spend it anywhere other than right here in New England.  While I missed my favorite fair and a couple other events due to the man's race schedule, we were left with a completely open Columbus Day weekend - a rarity! 

Saturday was rainy and a bit chilly, but that didn't stop us from heading over to the Jenness Farm open house.   They make awesome goat milk soaps and lotions - both of which I've used before - and their lip balm was voted the Best in NH.  For some reason, I'd never been to the farm and store before (a few local places carry a limited selection of their line). 

Got Goat? #JennessFarm #newhampshire #goat

It's a great little place with a cool farm store and lots of fun animals running around.  I discovered their line was so much more than the soaps and lotions I've used in the past!  They even have shampoo, conditioner and bug spray.  I picked up a few things, including some Christmas gifts and some of that "Best in NH" lip balm to try.  Their flavors all sounded delish, it was tough to choose... hello, Pumpkin Cheesecake!  I haven't used it yet, but will this week. 

Shame on me for not snapping more photos of the actual farm and store.  Apparently, I wasn't thinking... or was in alpaca baby goo-goo land.  There were several vendors there for the open house, including a nearby alpaca farm who brought a Mama & Baby to hang out.

Day 12 #October #yarnpadc A is For... Alpaca! Momma & Baby #Alpaca #love

Baby Alpaca at Jenness Farm open house today #newhampshire #Alpaca #love

Another shot of Mamma & Baby #newhampshire #Alpaca

Here's one last picture from Jenness Farm... isn't he (or she?) the cutest jacka$$ ever?
#JennessFarm #newhampshire

Sunday brought some nicer weather and the annual Farm Day at Miles Smith Farm. We love this farm, but have never been able to attend Farm Day due to other conflicts (yes, usually racing).... so I was very excited that we finally got to go this year!  I remembered to bring my camera and took lots of pictures, but haven't had a chance to download them yet... which  means you get my Instagram shots for now.

Moo! #highlandcattle #fall #farmanimals #newhampshire

We've been to Miles Smith Farm several times.  The very first time we stopped by, we found it was actually past their store hours and were heading back to the car when one of the owners came out to greet us.  He then spent a good hour with us, giving us a tour of the farm and welcoming us into the tiny store.  We learned a lot about the gorgeous Scottish Highlander Cattle and  got some of the best beef I have ever had. 
Just another Sunday, making new friends... #highlandcattle #newhampshire #farmanimals #love

We've visited the farm a few times since then, each time being invited to walk around as much as we'd like.  They have added a larger retail store space in a lovely barn and have expanded their products to include lots of items from other local farms (eggs, raw milk, pork, chicken, produce, etc).

Beautiful! #highlandcattle #farmanimals #newhampshire #fall #leaves #foliage

The Farm Day event was fabulous... so much to see and do!  There were cow rides for the kids, as well as your more traditional hayride.  I had a grand time feeding apples to several of the cattle... perhaps even more so than the kids that it might have been geared towards.  There were several babies on the farm.  The little guy in the picture below is just about two weeks old (there were two other wee ones that were born just last week as well).  He got oh-so-close but was still just a tad too shy to take an apple from our hands.  His Mama, on the other hand, had no problems not only taking the apples but actually did her best to point me to the direction of the bucket where I could get her some more.

This little guy is a mere two weeks old and simply adorable! #highlandcattle #farmanimals #newhampshire #toocute

The calf below is a little bit older.  Her name is Phoebe and she was munching on pumpkin and hanging out with Ms. Charlotte Piggy in the "petting zoo" area.

Phoebe the calf #farmanimals #highlandcattle #cow

It was an amazing two days!  Lots of great leaf peeping while driving to both farms, and some beautiful animals to ooh and ahh over.  I love fall.  I love New England.

On a side note, today is my Mom's birthday.  Please join me in wishing her a happy, crafty good day!  Here she is with one of her famous crochet bears.  I commissioned her to make this one for baby Quinn earlier this year.

Happy Birthday Mom!

And, just in case you missed yesterday's late afternoon post, check out my review of Lace One-Skein Wonders and enter to win a copy!


SouthernGirl said...

I love those cows, they're so cute!

And Happy Birthday to your mom!


Marjie said...

Happy Birthday, Mom! Love your bear!

There's a farm about 20 miles north of here which raises those same cows. One of these days I'm going to call for a side of beef...but I'll bet the sticker shock will be tremendous.

kathy b said...

My father had some of those cows years ago. They were so shaggy and adorable.

Sue said...

Aww... playing with baby animals is the best way to spend a weekend. Love your Mom's bears. I wish I could crochet.

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