Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dog Digs Own Bed

Happy Doggy Day... almost Friday! Although I kept thinking yesterday was Thursday, so I'm kind of disappointed today.

We've actually seen the sun for four whole days this week! Woo hoo! (I probably shouldn't mention that we're expecting rain later today and Saturday) I think it'd been so long since we had a sunny day that even though it wasn't actually that hot, the bright sun blinded us made it feel ten times hotter than it actually was. So what's a dog to do on a warm, sunny day?

Zeus_bed_71109 Zeus_bed_71109b

Well if we're talking about Zeus, the answer is... make himself a nice outside bed, of course!!!

Zeus_bed_71209 Zeus_bed_71209b

"What Mom? At least I didn't dig it in the middle of the yard.... and I didn't dig a hole, just a bed!"

Zeus_bed_71109e Zeus_71209c

So true... he just dug his own little cool spot under the over hang of the house. Who could argue with that? Or this handsome face!

Zeus_71209d Zeus_71109

I absolutely love this shot... my big guy almost looks like a tiny puppy again (awww... look at that cute puppy fall shot)!


He's even got his puppy curiosity going on lately...

Zeus_71209_curious Zeus_71209_closeup

OK, so this post was all about my moose today, even though I have a tun of good doggy pictures to share (its that whole finally downloading pictures thing). I'll just have to save those 100 pics for later and leave you with the whole gang keeping an eye out for critters in the yard (please excuse their creative windowsill artwork, thank you...)



claudie said...

Your house looks like mine...and as for the rain, it's been raining here as well. I only get to go out in between raindrops....ahhhhhhh
Happy DOT
Love Claudie

Sue said...

Don't you love how it's always the white dog who wants to lie in the dirt?

Marjie said...

My female mastiff, Julie, used to dig beds under a giant rhododendron right outside my kitchen window. I don't know how she didn't kill it! So you can be thankful that your guy isn't digging up shrubs!

Robin said...

Rudy gets in trouble for digging, of course he chooses my flower bed for digging!

SissySees said...

I called my boys puppies all of their lives... What a great Zeus-fix!

*LOVE* that shot at the end of your post.

Unknown said...

Abby likes to lay in dirt beds too - but only if someone else digs it for her.

Love your furkids - they are adorable. g

Tina. said...

In the one pic Zeus looks like he is laughing! What a cute shot and such a happy fellow!

Poppy Cottage said...

The pictures are too cute! I have my own pack of hole diggers. I just throw a plant in the hole and wait for the next one (lol).


gypsyknits said...

Love the pics:). The pups are so cute.
Mr. B digs trenches!
We had 4 days of sun too. It's getting ready to storm right now. sigh......more rain.

Anita said...

LOL, great photos! I love the one of all of them looking out the window. :)

Kenyetta said...

I ♥ the last pic!

Dianne said...

Zeus is such a handsome boy, and ver resourceful! LOVE the shot of all four looking out the window.

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