Monday, July 06, 2009

Vacation Recap - part 3

Happy Monday... since we're all slowly getting back into the swing of things and I'm still catching up with Charlotte vacation photos, well... what better blog post for this slow moving Monday?

Charlotte is always a great time spent with wonderful friends! Since we had two days of Coca Cola racing this year, I'll try to give you a variety of pics from both.

Teri, Nic, Brenda ~ day 2
Matt, Nic, Teri, Brian ~ day 1

Matt and I, on day 1 & day 2 respectively...

MattNic_52409 MattNic_52509b

I think this is my favorite shot of us from the trip. Even though we look kinda tired, at the same time we look pretty relaxed... taken in our seats on day 2...


I managed to add a few bags to my almost as large as my yarn stash WIP/project bag collection this trip...

Bags Bags2

The three bags in the photo on the left were all free! Yes, I said free (knitters always love that word). The Army backpack and Tony Stewart #14 Old Spice shower bag (aka nice size notions bag) were both from the
Ryan Newman fan club picnic. The Coca Cola 600 / Lowes Motor Speedway backpack was given to us on the way into the race, stuffed with samples & coupons from various sponsors. I especially love that one because it has the special 50th anniversary logo. The bag on the right is a Stewart-Hass racing tote bag, which I purchased on the day of the Newman fan club picnic and had Ryan sign. Its actually a very nice project size tote and I probably should've grabbed a couple more for gifts, but I wasn't thinking about that at the moment...

Speaking of WIPs, I have two FO's to show you... tomorrow.


SissySees said...

Great bags, and I think all the photos of you are good! You look happy and rested.

Sue said...

Wow, lady, where do you keep all your bags. I thought I had a lot of them, but you've got me beat. I guess I'd better go get some totes.

It looks like you had a fun, relaxing vacation. After the terrible winter you went thru, you deserved it.

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