Friday, April 09, 2010

REVIEW: Big Daddy Biscuits

Big Daddy Biscuits
Where to Find: Big Daddy Biscuits

BigDaddyBiscuits2 BDB_Tut_4410b
Handpressed All Natural And Organic Farm To Table
Dog Biscuits Made With Human Grade Food

Big Daddy Biscuits owner Lauren Janis began making healthy treats for her rescued pooch out of pure love. He enjoyed them so much, that soon his friends were lining up for some and Big Mama left her career in the airline industry behind to start his namesake, Big Daddy Biscuits.

When the Big Daddy Biscuit box arrived in our mailbox for review, all of the Lapdogs lined right up to get to work! Zeus gave the first sniff to the Mixed Bag...


Zeus and I were in agreement, everything looked and smelled fabulous. I would even say the Cheese Bites with Garlic smell good enough for me to want to munch! Made with certified organic whole wheat flour, natural cheese and garlic, these treats help aid against fleas, ticks and other biting insects.

It's not always Thanksgiving, but Turkey Bacon Bites are the next best thing for our 4-legged friends. Made with certified organic whole wheat flour, turkey bacon, local eggs straight from the farm, chicken stock and a hint of brown sugar, they're sure to have have any dog drooling for more!

BDB_Lola_4410 BDB_Lola_4410b

Peanut butter anything is always a hit with the Lapdogs, so it's no surprise they all love the Crunchy Peanut Butter biscuits. Certified organic whole wheat flour, fresh ground peanut butter, fresh oat, cornmeal, applesauce and a hint of vanilla combine for a crunch that will keep their tails wagging.

This mama loves Big Mama's Dinner Mints creation! Honestly, who isn't always looking for something to freshen your dog's breath? Made with brown rice flour, activated charcoal for digestion, parsley and mint, these little balls aren't just good for your dog's breath, they're tasty too! Zeus, the uber spokes-doggy-model, posed with a Dinner Mint before gobbling it up (see it there between his paws... the little black ball)...

BDB_Zeus_4410d BDB_Zeus_4410c

It's obvious the dogs loved them, but what's the human verdict? I couldn't be happier to feed my dogs Big Daddy Biscuits! I feel great knowing that not only are they made from all natural, organic ingredients, but each treat is handpressed in Atlanta, Georiga by Big Mama herself. I always say I'll bake more for my dogs and then life gets in the way. Big Daddy Biscuits are the next best thing... the "Just Like Mama's Home Cooking" of the dog treat world!

Big Daddy Bicuits officially get the 16 Paws Up Lapdog Seal of Approval! Treat your pack to some now... They are available in several Atlanta locations and, of course, you can order them directly online!

Sophie and Teutul sniffed out their favorite from the Mixed Bag...

BDB_Sophie_4410 BDB_Tut_4410

After the sniff test, the Lapdogs were hard at work reviewing the product.

BDB_TutLola_4410 BDB_Sophie_4410b

About Big Daddy: I am an American Bulldog and was found wandering around by the Federal Penitentiary in Atlanta, Georgia. I was so little that my my head was bigger than my body. One look at me and my mom knew I needed lots of loving and care. I had been on the street so long without proper nourishment I developed Toxoplasmosis and now have cataracts in both eyes and am slowly going blind. She has nursed me back to health and today my body is strong and happy. My mom and I are now inseparable and have a large extended family who give me plenty of attention. But most of all I make my mom happy. While I don’t exactly bake, I help by keeping my mom company in the kitchen while she hand-presses each biscuit. It looks like hard work, but after rolling out the mixture, pressing all the cool shapes, and popping them in the oven, smelling them as they bake makes it all worthwhile. Well, at least for me! You can read my blog here.

"You Know You Want Some!" ~ Big Daddy


SissySees said...

What a great story! Sis loves that you included an ingredients list, so we might have to "import" some BDBs!

Anonymous said...

I haven't had breakfast yet today -now my tummy is growling after reading about "Big Daddy Biscuits". There is a flavor for everyone. I would definitely give these wonderful treats to my doggies. My Pointer is very picky but would certainly love these Biscuits. The little guy eats everything, but would appreciate the love that goes into every tasty bite. The size of the treat will work for pooches of every size. I am not going to tell my dogs, Taffy and Rusty (The Dude), that I am going to order them, it will be a surprise. They love opening boxes. This is another great review Nichole. Always looking forward to the next.

Sue said...

Those sound great. My dogs have informed me that they want to visit you so they can taste test all those goodies.

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