Saturday, April 24, 2010

REVIEW: The Stitch Collection

The Stitch Collection: A Box of Portable Guides to Knit Stitches
by Debbie O'Neill

Paperback: 320 pages
Publisher: Lark Books (May 4, 2010)


The Stitch Collection: A Box of Portable Guides to Knit Stitches is a handy collection for both new and seasoned knitters alike. Five separate 5" x 8" paperback books are packaged in an attractive box, making them perfect for knitters on the go.

Each of the five books is devoted to a different stitch category: Book 1 - Knit & Purl, Book 2 - Rib, Book 3 - Lace, Book 4 - Cables and Book 5 - Specialty. An introduction, section on choosing the appropriate stitch pattern and yarn, needle size chart, yarn weight chart and abbreviation and glossary section is included in each one. Over 200 stitches are covered, with each one including a thorough description, pattern instructions and a detailed color photo.

With it's portability and versatility - not to mention practicality - The Stitch Collection is a must-add to your knitting bookshelf (it would be a much welcomed gift for any knitting friend as well). Unlike most stitch books, these ones are sleek, lightweight and easy to toss in your knitting bag or purse. You don't have to lug an entire 400 page volume with you or spend time photocopying the pages that you need for each project. Simply grab the book that applies to your current project and off you go - saving your aching back by toting around only what you need.

About the Author: Debbie O'Neill is a software engineer by training and a knitter out of sheer love of the art. She teaches knitting classes and has a line of self-published knitting patterns under the name Nutty Creations. Debbie designs and knits from her home in Boulder, CO.


Bubblesknits said...

Ooh! I have several of the Nutty Creations patterns. I didn't realize she'd come out with a book(s). :)

SissySees said...

Neat! I like that they are portable... the stitch collections I have most certainly are not.

Anonymous said...

Oh how fun is that! too bad I just bought a bunch of the Harmony Reference library books. g

Marjie said...

Trying to tempt me to try yet another thing? Maybe in about 7 years, when my little guy is grown...but portable makes these tempting guides indeed!

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