Thursday, April 08, 2010

You're in MY Spot!

Happy Doggy-almost-Friday-day! For those of you who only stop by on Thursdays, please scroll back for great news about Bella, the kids' Easter picture and my exciting news about DogTime Media's blog network!

The kids have been very busy with reviews and photo shoots this week (thank you sun!). They might even tell you they're working hard, but not to worry, their rewards are quite big! Stay tuned for our reviews of Big Daddy Biscuits and Planet Dog eats treats. We're currently awaiting samples of some other new products, but we can't quite tell you about those just yet. Knitters need not worry, I have quite a few reviews coming up for you too - including Skacel, 3AM Enchantments, Peace Fleece and several books, including a giveaway of Vogue Knitting Stitchionary Vol. 5!

Now on with the Doggy-Thursday photos! A couple of weeks ago, Lola decided that she wanted to snuggle up on the couch with her Daddy...

Lola_32410 Lola_32410c

Cute, right? Of course... but what you don't understand is this is Tut's spot. He's infamous for being Daddy's tv-watching snuggler at night. He was none too pleased with Lola taking over his spot.

MattTutLola_32410c MattTutLola_32410b

Sophie thought all of his carrying on was pretty funny... and then decided she'd climb up and join the pile!

Sophie_32410b MattTutLolaSophie_32410

Zeus... "I am not getting up there. I've got my own couch, thank you very much..."


Don't forget to check out DogTime's blog network... I was honored to have been asked to join!



Marjie said...

Of course Zeus has his own sofa. He is the god of all mythological gods, after all!

Dianne said...

LOVE those sofa pics!

SissySees said...

Poor dog-Dad... No quick leaps from the sofa for him, eh?

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