Thursday, September 02, 2010


Happy Dogs on Thursday!  Today it's all about Tessie... Tessie is the Royal Rooters rally cry... Tessie is the tune they always sung... Tessie echoed April through October nights... Oh wait, not that Tessie!  No, I'm talking about the tiniest little lovebug with one of the most infectious personalities I've ever seen! 

Tessie_8710g Tessie_8710d

Transport_8710bA few weeks ago Tessie came North via P.E.T.S. Transport and needed a place to crash for the night until her adoptive parents could pick her up.  You may recognize the P.E.T.S. name from Last Chance Highway, but if not be sure to check it out!  The show provides a unique view inside the world of dog rescue, especially Southern dogs who are adopted out up North. 

We had the pleasure of picking Tessie up, but because of tickets to a little show in Boston, we had lined up friends of ours to take little Tessie over night.  Boy did I regret that decision after spending a few short hours with the little girl.  Not only did I want to foster her overnight, I wanted to keep her!  Her Southern foster Mom had warned me, and boy was she right!  Everyone who met Tessie seemed to instantly fall for her...

She liked to ride by my feet
THAT Smile!!!
Lola was the lucky Lapdog who got to pick up Tessie from the transport.  Here we are waiting in line to get Tessie.  Well, I was waiting in line, but Lola was much more interested in checking out all of the doggies coming off the transport... especially the little pups!

Lola_transport_8710 Transport_8710

Tessie instantly bonded with Lola, even though the Queen apparently thought that she was there to pick out -and take home- her own puppy!  I swear if Lola could talk, she would have been saying "No Momz, not dis one! Shez ok butz Iz luvs des little lab mix pupz beterz... Iz take one of dem pleaz."

LolaTessie_8710c LolaTessie_8710b

Isn't she just darling?!?!  Who could resist this adorable little girl?  Certainly not me... it's a good thing she already had a forever home lined up!

NicTessie_8710b Tessie_8710b

As I said, Lola was more concerned with meeting other pups than anything else... including cooperating for a group photo!  Tessie worked on stealing Matt's heart and iced cappuccino.

NicLolaTessie_8710 MattTessie_8710

Two peas in a pod Magnum! 

LolaTessie_8710d LolaTessie_8710e

I hope that Tessie's forever home is as perfect as I picture it in my dreams..... this girl has a lot of love to give and deserves only the very best in life!

P.E.T.S. Transport heading off to their next stop


SissySees said...

Sweet! I'm sure she has a wonderful forever home...

Granite State Pet Sitting said...

Tessie sure is Cute! I want to keep them all, but then I would be considered the Crazy Dog Lady(lol).
We are picking up a little foster baby on Saturday, I can't wait! I need my Puppy Fix!

Dawn said...

Tessie is adorable! What a fabulous post!

Sue said...

We've seen that show a couple times. It's great that so many dogs are getting a second chance.

Marjie said...

How wonderful of all of you who helped Tessie. She is a cute dog.

jen said...

Tessie is very cute and I agree she has a great smile! I hope she has a great forever home:)

Tina. said...

I Loooovvvvveeeee that show! How neat that you were able to be a part of Tessie's journey to her forever home, absolutely wonderful! Maybe we will see you in an upcoming episode!

Bubblesknits said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for her! She deserves all the best this life can bring her. :)

Dianne said...

Tessie is absolutely adorable! That's the same type of trailer that Tara rode in when she came north from Arkansas! I'll never forget my first sight of skinny, scrawny, sun-bleached Tara when they carried her out of that trailer. It was love at first sight!!!

Kathy R said...

What a sweetheart Tessie is! I'd probably want to keep her too.

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