Thursday, September 16, 2010


Happy Dogs on Thursday /Little Friday!  As promised, I saved the best fair photos for today... the DockDogs competition!  We saw both the Speed Retrieve and Big Air events (for a good explanation of the different events, see this link).

I only got photos of the Big Air event, since we were standing out of the splash zone further back during Speed Retrieve.
This pointer was adorable!  During some practice runs for Speed Retrieve, his owner couldn't get him to jump off the dock.... but when it came time for Big Air, he was all about getting his ball! 

Big Air?  How about Big SPLASH!

We were able to stand right up at the edge of the pool which was a very cool experience.  Yes, I got splashed... more than once! At least it was a nice day...
Wwweeeeeee!!!!!!!!  Love those ears!

DockDogs_9610f DockDogs_9610g
DockDogs_9610e DockDogs_9610n
 DockDogs_9610m DockDogs_9610j

I had seen DockDogs on TV several times before, but can now say... nothing beats being there!  What a fun experience!  I wish we had gotten Lola or Tut into this when they were pups... maybe with the next pup (and no, there are no plans for another dog right now).  I used to think I wanted to get involved in flyball, but am now starting to think DockDogs would be even more fun!

Speaking of fun, remember the great time Tut and Lola had last weekend at Woof It Down's "Best of NH" party?  Shortly after I posted about it, Patty called to say we had won the Bravo basket in the raffle (which benefited the Animal Rescue Network of New England)!  Woo hoo... the pups sure were excited about the treats and Mama's got another a new yarn basket!

Tut & Sophie checking out the basket

Think anyone will notice if I open it?




Marjie said...

Flying dogs! What fun!

As for another new basket, well, you never can have too many of those!

Janet said...

I've seen these competitions on TV too, but never had a chance to see one in person. You took great photos. A new yarn basket means you get to start a new project ... right? :-)

Rose said...

I've never seen those competitions but it sure looks as if they enjoyed it! Great post!!

Dawn said...

How awesome! Fabulous pics! What fun!

SissySees said...

Oh, thanks for the memories. I really enjoyed field dog trials with my lab. In her younger years, she would have been a great dockdog.

Kathy R said...

I really think Lucy needs to try this sport!

AllyB said...

Mmm-mmm, those look like some yummy treats! I love to watch diving dogs. Thanks for the photos Nic.

How Sam Sees It said...

I'd love to see a dock diving competition up close - and maybe enter Monty! Congratulations on winning the basket!


Dianne said...

Those are great photos! It looks like so much fun!

Sue said...

Our little Gracie is a dock dog and finished second last year in her size category.

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