Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Oh the weather outside is...

frightful 52 degrees??!! On January 9th! Welcome to New England, where if you don't like the weather, just wait 15 minutes. We've also gone from nice bright sunshine to hurricane rain & winds (today's phrase of the day at work ~ We're not in Kansas anymore...) and back today... again, just wait 15 minutes. Apparently we're supposed to stay with unseasonably mild temps thru the weekend (high 40's)... nice! Although I think we need it to be a bit cooler to kill off all these germs and sickies. I'm still sniffly & congested, with an added sore throat at night, which I'm chalking up to a lovely side effect from all the congestion and allergy stuff I take all day. I did just discover those ugly football player nose bandaids lovely little strips for your nose though. Now, I didn't buy the Breath Right brand, instead I went with cheap generic and I have to say, after my first use last night... wonderful! I truly had doubts that these things actually worked, but I'm a believer now!!! Oh and yes, I got the clear ones. They still make you look like a total dork though... I considered wearing one to work today, but thought better of it.

I finally got time to download some photos from the camera and guess what? I have knitting content!!! I spent my sicky weekend knitting away at a hat, figuring that just maybe if I listened to my Mom and wore one that I might not get sick again. I just think hats make me look like a dork... almost as much as the nose strips... and I can't stand frizzy hat head. I keep trying to convince myself that its just because I don't have the right hat, so I cast on for the Amanda hat (while reminding myself that I really should finish my Amanda Headband before spring... for those of you on Ravelry, you'll see it hibernating in my projects). I had to decide which color of yummy Malabrigo to use and decided on Pagoda....


I am absolutely thrilled with how this hat is coming out! Its a very sweet looking pattern, yet still sophisticated, and I absolute love how the colorway is working up, not to mention how soft the Malabrigo is! If I weren't zoning out from all the cold meds, I would've finished it already, but I do have a tiny bit more to go. Gina is actually having a "Do The Amanda" KAL this month, so if I've inspired you to cast on your own Amanda, make sure you hop over and tell her I sent you and get in on the contest!

I also worked a few more rows on my Kerchief Scarf from the Last Minute Knitted Gifts book. I actually cast this on last month with good intentions thoughts of it becoming a Christmas gift, however other gift knitting took priority and this one got tucked aside. Its a very easy knit... if anything, mindless repetition.


I'm using Sugar 'n Cream twists and am thinking its going to take about 1 1/2 skeins, but I'll let you know for sure once its complete. I can definitely see myself knitting more of these in the future - definitely a great, quick gift!

As for finished objects, here are the Fetching mitts I did for my oldest niece Michele for Christmas. I used a navy Debbie Bliss merino aran yarn, which knit up to a tighter gauge than the pattern calls for, however since Michele is quite petite, it was actually perfect. She wasn't home when we delivered Christmas gifts, but has said in email that she likes them and they fit good. Now, I'd love it if she surprised her Aunty with a photo of herself wearing them, but she is an 18 old socialite with quite a busy life you know... maybe my Mom is reading and she can hunt down her Granddaughter for the photo...


Now for the usual reminder to self ... please remember to start Christmas knitting much, much, much earlier this year.......

As for that State of NH and the crazies who invaded us this week... they've moved on now, but only after calling us another 100 times yesterday! At least a few left messages this time, however when you're calling to remind us that it is Primary day, I just want to smack you. You think I didn't remember it was voting day? What, all your volunteers freakishly standing on the sides of the highway waving at passing cars didn't remind me? Your 100,000,001 signs plastered all over? Oh and wait, your faces all over the friggin tv? Gee, thanks for reminding me... I just might have forgotten all about it! duh Not only did we get the reminder calls, but a couple of youngins from the Hilary camp actulaly came to our door to ask if we voted yet!!! Now you're pushing the psycho line. Go away!!!! Ugh. So anyway, yes, I did vote and it was my first time ever bothering to vote in primaries. I had truly thought about checking off one of those names I never heard of before... just to see if the tv counts would accurately show that Joe-Schmo got one vote... but I didn't. I was a good little voter. And no, the person I voted for did not win. And no, I am not happy that they kept cutting in to prime time tv with the results as they were counted (ohmyfreakinggod, 11% of the votes are in... hold the presses! oh now wait, 14% are in...)... and then the friggin speeches. Ugh you idiots made me miss a whole hour of The Biggest Loser last night... jerks.

As mentioned, I finally got around to downloading weeks worth of photos off the camera and even though its 52 degrees out today, I'll leave you these some snow photos (click on their names for some more new photos) ... and maybe we'll catch up with doggy Christmas photos tomorrow for DOT!

Super Lola!


Sleuthy Zeus!


Defiant Teutul!


Curious Sophie!



Anonymous said...

It was 62 here yesterday...

LOVE the hat. I require that color of Malabrigo.

Of course, the pup pix are always cute.

Kare said...

Nice hat! I might check into the amanda a long thing.
Give your puppies a big smooch from me.
Missed you! Hope you feel up to snuff soon.

Paula said...

It was 70 here the other day and we had some hefty thunderstorms!
Weird weather for January.
I just love the pictures of the dogs this week.
What expressions and personalities they have!

Your knitting projects are really nice too!
Beautiful color of Malabrigo.

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