Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Overdue Thank Yous

This is a long overdue post! I apologize for taking so long to get this post up, but between the holiday, the unstopping wretched snow and my laziness having to download the photos, the time just kept slipping away. Then today, as I was about to sit and type this post, we friggin lost power for 2 long, long hours! Ugh. Yes folks, its snowing here... again. We got about 6" of new white crap yesterday and its been snowing all day today. Of course, the snowblower broke again yesterday... luckily we were bailed out by a friend with a plow. Matt's been at it all day - trekking out to buy parts, hammering broken parts out, cursing at the evil machine and now that we have lights again, he's back to putting it back together before he can go and clean the driveway for what seems like the 50th friggin time this month. Anyway, on to my great thanks...

First up, my wonderful Winter Wonderland Coffee Swap package. My spoiler really kept me guessing with her emails and hints and even though we've been reading each other's blogs for awhile now, she was able to keep the surprise until the end! I had no idea it was Alana until my box arrived! And boy did she ever spoil me... lookie here, all of these wonderful things came spilling out of my box...



There was yarn - 2 skeins of Classic Elite Paintbox (which I hear is great for those little felted bowls!) and a skein of Sugar 'n Cream. There were yummies - Chippers, which are chocolate covered potato chips from a local shop and oh so yummy, a chocolate lollipop, delicious chocolate bar, Biscotti, M&Ms and some new Hershey Kisses flavors that I had not seen before (oh my... you must try the candy cane ones if you haven't already... yum-o!). There were fun things - a "my blood type is coffee" post it pad that I adore (so true!), a cute winter magnet, a yummy smelling winter snowflake candle and a wonderful Starbucks mug that I love. There was coffee - not 1, but 2 delicious kinds from another local spot... Christmas Blend and Fireside Spice. Both are absolutely delicious and we've been enjoying them heavily in our house!

Check out the Chippers...

The coolest thing Alana sent (besides the super yummy coffee to feed my caffeine addiction), was the most perfect DPN holder that I had been longing for! Look at what she made for me (she even sent the extra button and left over fabric... so thoughtful, and now to decide what to do with it... perhaps line a basket to match). All of the pockets gradually increase in width as you go from left to right... did I say how perfect this is?



My kids think the coolest thing she sent was this...


Insider were homemade cookies for my furbabies, from Alana's furbabies... they loved them, as you can clearly see here.

Lola_treecookie Sophie_TreeCookie

TutZeus_treecookie Zeus_TreeCookie

Don't you just love my gentle giant? He waits so patiently and usually gets his cookies last in line...


Thank you Alana... everything was absolutely wonderful! The kids thank you too - they love the cookies! You did a great job keeping me in suspense and not letting on to who you were too... I love when we get to spoil friends in the swaps! So much fun!

The other swappy goodness I received was my Dogs on Thursday Ornament Swap package from the lovely, multi-talented, The Queen... Gaylen. My kids were gathered around quite closely, sniffing all over the box even before I could get to opening it. They definitely knew it was for them...


When I did open it, all I could think was

oh my gosh... how Auntie Gaylen spoiled you!


Seriously, this box was jammed packed to the brim with some of the most special and precious items I've ever received! There was a personalized bone shaped stocking and ornament for each dog... and keep in mind that this box was sent and received before I announced (or we were even sure) Sophie was officially joining our family (I think it was an extra "sign"... and well, if I ever regret becoming a 4 doggy household, I'll always have Gaylen to blame... ha ha ha!).


There were also a set of the cutest coasters ever, a pair of handknit mitten ornaments (which hang off the sconce in my little knitting corner), an adorable doggy mug (a nice, big mug!) with coffee & biscotti and a cute little doggy ornament.


As if that weren't enough,

there were doggy toys galore!


Thank you Gaylen... you sure know how to spoil! The little stockings (which I'm going to use year round for multiple holidays) and ornaments are so very special to me. I feel like my box fell short in comparision, but hope the furbabies did love my homemade treats ... you are just so amazing (and to have done all of this on bed rest... you are The Queen!)! The kids absolutely love their toys... the blue bone is one their favorites... and bobos are very popular in our house!


The "monkey ball" is adorable and so perfect for my new little monkey!



Thank you both... I promise to have more bloggy catch up soon! In the meantime, I did amend Jasper's post with some photos. He was truly a one-in-a-million dog... Thank you to everyone who's left great messages for JJ and Eddie.

Happy New Year... here's to a much brighter 2008!


Unknown said...

Nicole you and your kiddo are very welcome for the package - I'm just sorry there wasn't more for you in it. I had planned more . . .

I didn't comment on the dog posts because there just isn't words. Please know that I am sad for the loss.

Hope 2008 is a good year. :) g

Grace said...

I was a lucky recipient of a swap box from Alanna also and those chocolate chippers are to die for, your gifts look wonderful, I hope 2008 is truly special for you---see you in the Doldrums, I can't wait for the swap!!

vegasangelbrat said...

What fantastic packages!! Now there some spoiled 4 legged kiddos!!
Hope 2008 is good to you all!!

Alana said...

I'm glad you liked the things I sent, and I had a great time putting together the package for you and your pups! Now I'm looking forward to the Winter Doldrums Dishcloth Swap-- don't think I'm gonna be able to resist that one!!

Dianne said...

Wow, those are some great packages. I love the shots of the dogs with their treats!

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