Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Rockin The Crib

While perusing my Bloglines today, I discovered that Natalie at Bark 'n Knit gave me an award! Looky here...


Now, you know me and my wandering inquisitive mind had to go and Google "nap warden" to discover the origin of said award. I found it here.

So... now its my turn to unleash the Nap Warden Award on some of my fellow blogging friends. I hereby declare the following as official Crib Rockers (in no particular order)... insert drumroll here

Kare of More Coffee Please (aka Old Lady Kay) ~ One funny lady who often has be ROFLMAO with her posts!

Dianne of Brit Knitter ~ Another wonderful knitting doggy Mom. Creative, talented and one amazing spoiler to boot!

Emily of Yarn Miracle ~ She hosted the first ever Dishrag Tag... enough said! (Oh yea, and she does have a little miracle on the way as well)

Chan of Chan Knits ~ Quite possibly my seperated-at-birth-long-lost-twin. We share a great love of animals and fiber.

I kept my list short & sweet, but please know that if you are reading this, You Rock and you deserve the award too! I just didn't want to turn my post in to a blogroll book. I think anyone who takes the time to read my blog rocks (and thank you for coming back)!!


Anonymous said...

Well, since it's you, and since it's the second time this week I've been "awarded" I suppose I'll have to do something about it! Thanks a million.

Of course, I *SO* enjoy that you sought out the origins of the award, because you know "our" mind(s) work like that!

Dianne said...

Hey - thanks!

Kare said...

oh wow! Thank you!

Joanne said...

Well, what can I say...Thanks so much for the kind words. I have the best of all worlds...I own a yarn shop located in my home, I never deal with a commute or traffic. My Guild members/Students are a gift, I love each and every one of them. Together, we have built a wonderful network knitters/crocheters...newbies always welcome!! Thanks, Nichole, you always "TOOT" my horn!!! Love ya, J

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