Thursday, January 24, 2008

Snow Dogs!

No, its not snowing at the moment, though we have "maybe an inch" in the forecast. However, to put you in the white fluffy spirit, I present you with Snowy Dogs on Thursday!

Zeus has always loved the snow. He especially appreciates anyone who will toss him a few snowballs... (as usual, click on their names for more pics!)



Lola's favorite thing is to run around, full speed, in it. She sometimes does the bunny hop too.



Tut loves zipping around in it too... but then again, he just loves zipping! He's not always the most photogenic pup, so I especially love the second shot of him here.

Teutul_11408snowRun Teutul_11408snow

Sophie's been watching her big brothers & sister and has learned how much fun the white stuff can be. When she's not zipping around, she's usually sticking her head in a snow bank looking for treasures...

Sophie_11408snowRun Sophie_11408snowC


We've been working on trying to get a half way decent shot of the 4 kids together... without much success thusfar...



Where'd Sophie go??!!


We'll get there.... I know I still need to update my blog header & button too...

Happy snowy days... and TGtomorrow'sF!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Bleah, don't post this if the other one went through, but Blogger strikes again. I swear it hates me...

Love the snow shots! I wish we could get more than a dusting.

Unknown said...

FOUR dogs?! OMG - what fun! BTW: I hadn't heard back from you yet, but I sent some bling. I hope I didn't forget to email you! Regardless, go here when you have a chance! ( Happy DOT :)

Paula said...

Oh I just love all the snowy dog photos!
They sure are having fun in the snow.
It it is not bitter cold out Elise will play in the snow and try and eat the snowflakes.
When she was a puppy she would bark at the snowflakes!

Vivian said...

Cute dogs in the snow! and great job for capturing them on camera
:-) I can hardly make my two dogs look the same direction.

Cindy said...

The "kids" looks so darling. What good babies.

Dianne said...

Such sweeties! Love the snow shots, especially the one of Sophie with snow on her nose!

Kare said...

snow pics! All right! They're so cute.

Nichole, I have to sign up for this Dogs on Thursday thing.

vegasangelbrat said...

OH what fun they look like they had!!! MIne wouldn't know what the white stuff
Great shot of them all together too!

Mindy said...

I like the snow pics! I haven't seen our Zeus play much in the snow yet. If it's cold outside he kind of does his business and then gets back in where it's warm. We'll see soon, we have some snowy days ahead.

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