Friday, September 10, 2010

Fair Weather Friday

Annual Fair Sand Sculpture
Happy Friday!  I am absolutely loving this crisp, fall weather that has come in over the past few days.  It has me in the mood for all things fall... you know, pumpkin spiced coffee, soup, apple cider, leaf peeping, fairs... 

On Monday we went to the first fair of the season, Hopkinton State Fair.  It was a beautiful day... perfect fair weather!  As a result, you get a picture montage... enjoy!

There were lots of fluffy bunnies, including this big one and a Mama with her uber cute babes...

BigBunny_9610 MamaBabyBunnies_9610

There were sheep, sheep and more sheep...

Hey Lady... You come here often?
Got an itch?  Scratch it!


Cows_cleaningEars_9610I found the Teutul of the cow world!  The one on the left was constantly cleaning the other cow's ears... one of Tut's infamous habits!  Can you see his tongue?
This bird was a total DIVA!

A baby Jacob

This little guy was in the petting zoo and I absolutely fell head of heels in love... just look at that face!  I wanted to take him home...


We happened upon a new event for the fair, the DockDogs competition, which was a wonderful surprise!  I had a blast watching the dogs and was even able to stand right next to the tank.  Yes, I got splashed... several times... but it was great!  I got some really cool photos, but will make you come back save them for a separate post.


jen said...

Great farm animal pictures! that tongue is very long:)
I love watching the dock jumping on TV, but I have never seen it in person! How cool:)

Kathy R said...

I love watching Dock Dogs! We saw them a couple weeks ago at the Colorado State Fair. I think Lucy would be a champ at this sport!

You saw lots of cute animals.

Anita said...

Oh how fun! I haven't been to a fair in so long, can't even remember! LOL You got some great photos, love the bunnies & that sheep, how adorable.
I've seen the dock dogs on TV too, that would have been awesome to see in person. :)

Dianne said...

I love watching the dogs jumping into water on TV. It must have been awesome in person!

P.S. I need a sheep!!!!!

SissySees said...

We joke about Sissy's longer legs coming from a goat, but goodness those wee goats are cute... I truly wouldn't turn one down!

Marjie said...

I love the baby bunnies, too. And I always resist buying them for the kids, because I don't need any more pets to care for! (Plus, we have plenty of bunnies in the yard.)

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