Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Babs on Tuesday

Well, it's another rainy Tuesday here in New England.  The Lapdogs and I are all having a lazy day inside, along with foster baby Babs.  Yes, if you didn't catch it in the Smooches review yesterday, we picked up an adorable 16 week old baby on Saturday. 

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Babs is listed as a black lab mix and we're thinking she's got pointer in her.  She's an absolute love... and in love with Zeus! 


I'd link to her Petfinder page, however we took her to the race on Saturday and not only did she gain about 25 fans (she had all those grown men wrapped!), but we're pretty sure she secured her forever home and will soon be known as Belle.  She does have an equally adorable brother who is still looking for his forever home... check out Bob here!  I'll post some more Babs photos later this week... because you know I have plenty.  After all, she's been here 4 days already! 

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Today's Ten on Tuesday topic is Ten Things You Wish You Liked.

1. Exercising.  My waist line and clothing would appreciate that.

2. Cleaning.  Does anyone actually like to clean? 

3. Spicy Food.  It would make things easier when we go out and order wings or other dishes to share.  Jalapeno Poppers always look appetizing, but no thank you!

4. High Heels.  I love the look, but not the pain.

5. Unsportsmen Like Conduct at the race track.  Especially by middle aged individuals. 

6. Yard Work.  I'd love to have a beautiful garden, but I simply DO. NOT. WEED.  or rake leaves, mow the lawn or pick up dog poop.  (So glad the man does all that)

7. Heat and Humidity.  Summer would be more enjoyable if I was a hot-weather person.

8. Biting My Tongue.  I've tried... it hurts.

9. Waiting.  Again, I've tried... but my lack of patience always prevails.

10. Thunder Storms.  I've seen lightening hit a tree while camping, bounce through our house as a child and hit the house next door a few years ago.  Storms aren't fun for me.


Kari in Alaska said...

Babs is adorable :)

Stop on by for a visit

Karen S said...

I LOVE thunderstorms!

Mary said...

what sweet pups! I don't think anyone needs to like unsportsmanlike conduct :-) (and I don't see a need to like thunderstorms either - we're having one right now and my pup is shivering in my lap)

Kym said...

Great list. But, honestly. . . I couldn't get past the pups! :-)

SissySees said...

She's a cutie. I'm glad she appears to have a home pending, and we wish Bob well too!

Kathy R said...

What a cutie! Glad to know you've found her a home.

I am not fond of cleaning either. I really need to learn to like it.

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