Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday Mischief

Happy Monday!  I'm a little late with my post this afternoon, but wanted to wrap up the weekend with a little Monday Mischief (furbaby Moms, hop on!) from my boys... Instagram style (because what else makes our ho-hum shots look so good?)!

First up, my little boy Tut.  While I thought it was a cute little toothy shot, his Daddy thought he looked like he was up to no good...


Doesn't my big guy Zeus look like an angel sleeping?


My boys really are the best, along with their sisters (their Daddy rocks too).  Look at what they surprised me with for Mommy's day... a few Beefsteak tomato plants for my growing container garden and some yummies from The Chocolate Moose (the boxes contain truffles and chocolate covered strawberries)!



FluffyPopcorn said...

Awww, those sound really yummy! Happy Mothers' Day to you!!

♥ Popcorn!

Anonymous said...

Hey it's Jet here.

Nice to make your acquaintance on the MM hop.

Looks like Mom had a great day... not much mischief brewing, huh? Suggest to Mom that she post her tomato recipes when her tomatoes ripen on the Tasty Tuesday Hop!!!

jen said...

You always get the best chocolate gifts!
Happy belated Mother's Day to you:)

Colby said...

I love watching my boys sleep too. So peaceful!

Happy Monday!

snoopy@snoopysdogblog said...

Glad your Mum had a lovely day - I wish we could eat Chocolates too - they look so yummy!!

Have fun,

Your pal Snoopy :)

Marjie said...

Oooh, such goodies! Glad you guys remembered to surprise Mom. She'll enjoy her tomatoes all summer, and might even share. Thor loved tomato tops, you know.

HELLO! said...

Oh we love toothy shots!!! :) You guys have great pics. And that food looks yummers. :)

~Weinerful Gang~

Dianne said...

You have such thoughtful men in your life!!!

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