Tuesday, May 01, 2012

REVIEW: PAWW Dog Products

PAWW Dog Products

Where to Find: Paww.com

PickPocketTreatToob TreatToob_Zeus_5112

PAWW is all about "smart gear for pets and their humans."  This smart gear includes such inventive products as the Treat Toob, Pick Pocket Pouch, Pick Pocket Leash, Secret Agent Collar and Throw Bowl.  We recently received two of these fun items for review: the Pick Pocket Pouch and Treat Toob.

The Pick Pocket Pouch is literally a little backpack for your leash.  Forget those bulky, heavy plastic dispensers that weigh you down and bounce all over the place as you walk. The lightweight (1.12 ounces), universally sized Pick Pocket Pouch easily attaches to any leash or strap with two velcro loops.  The velcro loops also allow you to move it from one leash to another in seconds.  Made of double rip-stop nylon, the Pick Pocket Pouch is rugged enough to take along anywhere!

PickPocketPouchThe Pick Pocket Pouch includes a second pocket that is big enough for a house key and a couple dollars, or even a few dog biscuits.  Available in five bright colors, being a responsible dog parent has never been so easy - and stylish!   What I love most about this great little contraption is how I can stuff it with poop bags or recycled shopping bags! Since the Lapdog household recycles our grocery bags for purposes just like this, it's very convenient.

TreatToob_Sophie_5112Does your dog love peanut butter, liverwurst, cream cheese or pureed foods?  Ever wish there was any easy way to dispense these sticky treats to Fido without all the mess?  Now there is... introducing the Treat Toob, a squeezable treat dispenser!  Made of soft, yet rugged food-grade silicone, the Treat Toob dispenses nearly any squeezable treat with ease.
The Treat Toob is fun and simple to use. Just unscrew the top, stuff it with your pooch's favorite treat (we used peanut butter) and turn the dial on the handy ID window to identify the contents.  Treat Toob comes pre-marked with p. butter, dairy, meaty, puree, mix and a blank spot which you can label yourself.  The unique treat dispenser has a 3 ounce capacity and is dishwasher safe. 


The Treat Toob is perfect for training, as well as on the go. It just might be the most innovative pet product we've reviewed to date! Seriously... I mean, would you ever dare take peanut butter or cream cheese on the go?  You certainly wouldn't dream of giving it to your dog in the car, would you?  Well, with the Treat Toob, you can do all of the above... even as your significant other hits yet another bump in the road on the way to Grandma's house! 

TreatToob_Zeus_5112cIf you can't tell by their big eyes and lapping tongues, the Lapdogs gave the Treat Toob their Official 16 Paws Up Seal of Approval!  They couldn't get enough of the squeezable goodness.  The humans give the Pick Pocket Pouch 4 thumbs up for it's ease of use,  simplicity and ability to recycle plastic grocery bags!  Check out these and other unique items from PAWW!


SissySees said...

Interesting, but Sissy carries the "goods" in her fancy vest so I don't have to.

Given that we're fighting tartar, the tube is out of the question right now. Maybe if we ever win that war...

Dianne said...

That treat tube is such a fabulous idea. It falls under the category of "Why didn't I think of that"!

Bubblesknits said...

Both of those are so neat! And you know how much we love gadgets in this house. ;)

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