Thursday, May 31, 2012

Deck Dogs

Happy Thorsday / Thankful Thursday / Little Friday!  I didn't realize how behind I was in downloading photos off of my camera until I started going through them yesterday.  oops!  I still owe you an official Belle (formerly Babs) post, but today you get the Lapdogs enjoying the great outdoors... or at least, the back porch!  These photos were taken at the end of April when we got that lovely early Spring weather.

The Lapdogs doing what they do best... being nosey and keeping eight eyes on things!

4dogs_42512 4dogs_42512d

Lola makes a great container garden spokesmodel, don't ya think?  Now if I could just get her to stop plucking out the tiny sprouts of basil...

Lola_42512c Lola_42512b

When Zeus isn't he's lounging, he's watching for chuckies, birdies, snakies... whatever ies he can find.
Zeus_42512 Zeus_42512b

Sophie is my sunbathing pooch.  I swear, it could be 100 degrees out there and she'll find the sunniest, warmest spot to lay.  She might be a lighter shade of red by the end of summer if she keeps this up...

Sophie_42512 Sophie_42512d

Does Tut's big smile indicate his love of the great outdoors back porch?  He's always the first one out the door, with big sister Lola right behind him!

Tut_42512 TutLola_42512

They really love hanging out on the back porch and I have to say, I love spending time out there with them.  We got the patio set up on the deck for the first time in years and I plan to spend some quality time out there this summer!

ZeusSophie_42512 LolaSophie_42512


SissySees said...

Gretchen chases lizards on the deck. Sissy sight hunts...

Marjie said...

No one will bother that deck with your pack on duty!

Kenyetta said...

I love it!
Garden looks good!

Kari in Alaska said...

my pups used to love it when we had a deck

Stop on by for a visit

Sue said...

Lucy used to pick the hottest place she could find and stretch out to bake. I'd have to force her to come in and cool off.

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